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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The anti coercion bill passed

A handful of Dems (10 I think) voted against it. How you can be in support of pressuring someone to have an abortion is beyond me.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gun rights for students

After some hard negotiating UT and I we have come to an understanding regarding their former announcements that they were going to ban legal student athletes from owning legal guns on the students own time, off campus.

The university is now going to change their language to limit the constitutional freedoms of student athletes only while on campus, at a campus or team related event. UT wanted to leave their policy wide open so that they would be able to limit more things in the future but they finally agreed to strike the offencive language out of their student policy. While not perfect or where I would like it to be it is a start and a vast improvement over where it stood a few weeks ago.

English only drivers test

Passes on to the next step.

Referendum madness

Tom Humphrey gives the rundown on a bill you may have seen making the rounds on a few other blogs. It would have stopped governments from spending taxpayer dollars from fighting for or against referendum votes.

It died in committee on a split 3 to 3 party line vote.

I want to say a big thank you to Kay Brooks, Ben Cunningham and Linda Noe for their work on this issue. Sorry it didn't work out this year. There is always next....

Turner talks

On his being stopped for driving without a license. First Turner said he was the Democrats number one man. Not number two. Turner said it was suspended three years ago not eight. It was for an old speeding ticket. He does not drive a fire truck (He is a Capetian) and he said It was cleared up today.

He said he did not think it was racial but they could be profiling. He had an Obama sticker.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Mike, Need a lift?

It seems Democrat number two man Rep. Mike Turner was caught driving on a licence that hasn't been valid in EIGHT YEARS. Knowing he has worked for the fire department all that time I wonder if he was driving a fire truck illegally all that time.

To add insult to injury I hear when pulled over he called a fire truck to come pick him up.

No word yet if the pull over was a result of racism.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Not the effect you think

Our "liberal friends" seem to think this add is bad for Rep. Glen Casada. I think what a great add for Casada and against the Obama economic plan.

Only a liberal Democrat would think it is bad thing to encourage someone to go and find a job instead of relying on a government check after 2 years on unemployment benefits (99 weeks).

Come on.

And the fact that unemployment has gone up and businesses are closing up since Obama took office one year ago (Not just in Tennessee but nation wide). Another gimme for the GOP. Thank you for reminding people about how well the Democrat economic "Spendulus package" has worked.

Can we help spread the word some more?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Timothy Hill on his way

Timothy Hill is on his way to the election commission to pick up his petition to run for the state house seat being vacated by Rep. Jason Mumpower.

FLASH!!!!!! THIS IS BIG!!!!!

House majority leader Jason Mumpower has decided to not seek re election to the State House of Representatives.

Saying he wants to "Leave the party early" on top, similar to one of his favorite comic strip writers Bill Watterson form Calvin and Hobbs fame. Jason made the announcement moments ago during personal orders.

What is next for the young 36 year old man man who helped pick up 5 new Republican seats? Rumors swirl. Expand his young family? A run for the State senate should Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey become governor? A big new job inside or outside of government? No one knows.

This opens up the traditionally conservative Republican seat for its first new Representative in 14 years.

Timothy Hill, brother of Republican state Rep. Matthew Hill is said to be considering a run. Another possible names in the mix is newly elected Sullivan county Republican party chair Keith Parker. Many other names may surface quickly as time is growing short with the April 1 deadline just around the corner.

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Kay Brooks bill

Kay Brooks details some of the arguments I am hearing on a bill I got the idea for from reading her blog.

Kay has photos of where the city government was using taxpayer dollars to advertise against a voter referendum. Billboards were bought and letters were paid for telling people to vote for the tax increase.

Quote of the week (Double dip edition)

Liberty without learning is always in peril and learning without liberty is always in vain.

John F. Kennedy

For every man who lives without freedom, the rest of us must face the guilt.

Lillian Hellman

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bredesen pulls out his flag

Bredesen supports allowing the states teachers to take sides and advocate for a position on homosexuality to 6 year olds.

Yes, Bredesen has "Flagged" (that is Capitol Hill speak for coming out against) my bill that says the states teachers should leave the teaching of homosexuality to the families of very young children. Yes, he thinks the states teachers should be the advocates for their own positions and biases. While critics have labeled my legislation the "Don't say 'gay' bill," this legislation simply prevents the topic from being part of the curriculum.

Don't they have enough on their plate with out having to teach this stuff?

We're told all the time to keep religious values out of the classroom and just stick to the basics of reading and writing, but suddenly the left seems to be focused on teaching their own brand of values to very young children. These topics are best left to the parents at home.

The bills and the agenda

Tom Humphrey gives the rundown on some of my legislation that UT is in opposition to. While I am sure people will make arguments both ways on several of the issues, the one bill about "Guns in parks and greenways" has really nothing to do with UT at all. There is nothing in the bill as amended that will automatically allow guns anywhere, much less UT grounds. As amended it only more clearly defines what is a greenway vs. a park.

It will still be up to that local municipality to decide where it will allow guns there or not (as was well debated and publicised in Knoxville last year).

Actually, that is where I got the idea from. One of the arguments against guns on greenways was there was no clear definition of what was a greenway vs a park and what was going to happen when a greenway went through a park that guns may not be allow in.

I was sort of shocked when UT came out against this bill to the press, especially with out even having talked with me about it at all. I have an open door policy and have invited them to come and talk with me several times about any concerns or areas of compromise at any time about any piece of legislation I have.

So far they have shown no serious willingness to compromise on anything at all. I thought we had worked out our first compromise piece with my legislation for off campus rights but the UT lobbyist reversed course and said it was a no go as I was walking into the committee room to present the legislation.

My illegal alien paying out of state tuition bill I have had for three(?) years. The fact that I have been in support of legal carry permit holder rights on campus for four or five years seems to be lost in their personal attacks as well.

It is becoming clear to me that the big boys in the ivory towers don't really care about the legislation or compromise at all. They are in personal attack mode. I hear they have been chasing the press reporters around the capitol trying to sell their personal attacks on me with the legislation brought up as an afterthought by the reporters.

78% of Tennesseans must be crazy as well

While still on going, this poll seems to show that Tennesseans agree that people should not lose their constitutional rights on public university land.

Friday, March 19, 2010

As a side note

The Times free press has a poll on if guns should be allowed on campus.

While the poll has little to nothing to do with my bill as my bill does not allow guns on campuses and the wording is a little vague (Legal or Illegal?, hand guns or all guns?, HCP holders or all people?) it still is an interesting poll. You may want to head on over and drop in your opinion.

Students have constitutional rights too

Much to the chagrin of the University of Tennessee Students who are on their own time, on their own property doing legal things with legal guns still have constitutional rights. The University of Tennessee wants to have control over those rights. I have legislation that would say they do not.

Andy Sher tells the tale so far.

The university keeps trying to bring up straw man arguments (arguments about things that have nothing to do with the legislation).

The University keeps talking as if the bill will stop them from doing anything about criminal activity. It will not.

They say it will stop them from restricting students from carrying guns when at foreign venues where the team is playing. It will not.

They say it will stop them from restricting students from carrying on team buses. It will not.

They say it will allow guns on campuses. It will not.

My bill only stops the University from restricting legal use, of legal gun owners off campus when not doing University related things.

Once you start giving other people power over your constitutional rights the end is near.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Constitution change

The constitutional right to hunt and fish just passed the legislature.

Just wondering, since we already have the right to eat animals we kill on the road with our cars (Sorry Tim) Would the right to hit animals be considered "Hunting" and therefor protected?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ummmm..........What about Turner,Jones, Miller and Cobb

The Chipmunk strikes again. Again against his own members. Chip Forester attacks two Republican police officers for raising funds for political campaigns thinking it might be in violation of the little hatch act (because the sheriffs office receives federal funds). As I recall firefighters also receive federal funds. They often receive it as part of homeland security funding through FEMA. They get it to purchase equipment and training.

Mike Turner, Larry Miller, Ulysses Jones, Ty Cobb Please talk to your party leader.......And return the checks.

If we want to go down that road I think there is an educator or two you may also want to talk with not to mention military personnel. John Mark, Your party leader does not want you back.

Textbook kickback

My bill on teachers not getting a kickback for assigning/mandating books for their students got covered in the Tennessean today.

channel 8 from Knoxville also called on the bill.

From reading the comments, teachers who would get the kickback seem to hate it. Students and parents who pay the bill seem to like it.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Budget cuts

A.K.A. Dead in the senate

The Dean gives the rundown on the bills being run to make the Republican party take Kent back and allow him to run under the Republican banner instead of as a Democrat or independent.

Today was the show but they are dead in the senate and not going anywhere.

No father left behind

The bill to allow GOOD fathers to have a shot at equal parenting time may finally get out of sub committee this year. The issue is mistitled in this Tennessean article to make it look like 50/50 will be the mandate for all custodial agreements.

That is not the case at all.

Bad or abusive parents would get diminished or no visitation time as a judge sees fit. If one parent is not capable of caring for a child because of work or lack of work the parenting time could be adjusted. If one parent did not want to be a part of the child's life or moved away to another town or state the time could be adjusted as well.

Some of the ludicrous arguments we hear repeatedly are that The bill will make it so the child will spend every other day at the fathers house in a different school in a different state.

Again, not true.

This bill just allows for an equal starting point for both GOOD parents, who BOTH want to be a part of the child's life, when they enter the court room. From there a parenting plan can be adjusted that works for all.

We complain as we see the results of the disappearance of a good fathers influence, of fatherless homes on a child's life. Yet we currently say weekends and every other Wednesday afternoon should be plenty of time for a good person to be an influence. If you do the math, for the average case, that is saying a good parent can only be a part of a child's life 4 out of 18 years of development.

While this bill may not be perfect, it is a vast improvement over where things stand now.

Monday, March 15, 2010

How can they be against that?

A bill (HB3007) saying that governments goal should be to find the most efficient way to operate government and that we should be willing to look at innovative approaches and methodologies passed today.

But it oddly (Or not) received a large number of dissent votes. 14 Democrats passed or voted against it.

Voting no was Borchert, Fincher, Maddox, Naifeh, Shaw and Mike Turner

Passing was Brown, Camper, Cooper, DeBerry, Favors, U Jones, Odem and Richardson

Although I don't find it hard to believe some government workers aren't striving to be and do all they can I cant see why they would be against at least looking at some potentially innovative processes.

Going after the special interests

The senate Gov opps committee is going after the special interest groups written into state code.

We talked about going after them as well in the state house gov opps committee but we are outnumbered by Democrats and none of the D's will budge. We are planning on making it happen on the house floor where we have the numbers.

It matters who leads.

Book ban?

Not so much. My bill is commented on here in the Chattanooga times free press.

I have drafted a rough copy of a bill that would stop the kickback some state university professors get for forcing their students to purchase certain books. They could still require what ever book they wanted, but they would no longer get any kickback for requiring the book for their classes.

I tried to make that clear to the reporter several times but I guess it didn't get through.

If any of you have paid for college books lately you know the expense can be crazy. Hundreds of dollars for a single required book that the author/professor changes yearly (Making buying a used book impossible).

It is an attempt to try and bring down the expense of getting an education at our state colleges and universities.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

While we are at it

There seems to be some motion to limit the growth of per diem expenses. Right now the increase is tied to federal increases.

While we are at it we should look into limiting per diem of legislators who live near the capitol. Some live only a few miles away but come in almost daily to check their mail and collect $181.00 per diem.

My suggestion would be to cut the per diem expense in half (at least) for the people who live within 60 miles of the capitol or make it up to the current expense with receipts as proof.

Oh, what a tangled web we weave....

Tom Humphrey reports on some of the maneuverings going on since the Supreme court decision striking down another part of McCain/Fiengold.

One thing sort of ignored by the original legislation to ban donations by foreign corporations is how the decision was two fold. What about unions? They were covered in the supreme court decision as well. They can not vote any more then a corporation can but they give money (and a lot of them have major national H.Q.s outside of the state). I guess the same could be said about political parties.

I guess if the legislation passed, multi national corporations like VW, Wacker, etc. couldn't support the candidate of their factories home district or the people who recruited them to come to Tennessee. As a side note Wacker just got $64 million. Andy Sher reporting.

Another interesting problem is what if say I had a corporation just over the Tennessee border in Bristol VA. selling widgets. 95% of my employees live in Tennessee. 95% of my widgets are sold to a Tennessee corporations to make super widgets or are bought by the Tennessee public. I get news rep X is going to pass legislation that will tax and cripple my industry putting my 500 employees out of work. Would my corporation not be able to give to educate people as to what he wants to do to Tennessee residents?

If we were to go down that road what about the media? They are one of the biggest opinion shapers of them all. Should they not be able to present their point of view if they do not live, broadcast or print their publication from the representatives district they are reporting or editorializing on?

The state legislature makes laws that effect the entire state and in some ways other states or even countries. Not just one district. If someone files legislation that is appealing or unappealing to someone why shouldn't they be able to contribute to support someone in that race?

I thought Republicans were the ones always being accused of being xenophobes.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pickin' and grinnin'

I picked up my petition to run for the state senate on Friday afternoon. After knocking on doors this morning I stopped by a reception for Sen. Tim Burchett in the afternoon. I asked Tim if he minded if people could sign my petition if they wanted to. Not only was Tim kind enough to say yes, he was one of the first people to sign on it as well.

The reception was huge and I got great feedback. I have never really gotten a reception like that before. People were very kind and almost overly helpful. At times it was all I could do to keep track of my petition. People were at times lined up, eager to sign it and I was shaking hands and talking to about everyone on a wide range of issues. I probably got 40 names in about 20 minutes.

That was cool! The good people you meet make politics and running for office fun (sometimes it can be quite tiring). I really do like meeting and getting to know people. Real people. It is one of the best parts of the job.

But the day was all Burchett's and the event was packed. I am sure he was quite pleased.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Good move, bad move

There are some interesting theories swirling about in the Beavers Lynn race. Many question why Mae would step away from a race where she was the front runner for a 100K a year job to come back to run for a 20K a year job that she has been at for years. Why would someone do that?

Some think the bad blood ran so deep that Mae was never really committed to ever run for mayor. Some think it was all just a plan to get Susan to run for the senate so she could then come back and try and defeat her.

As I said in my last post there is not a lot of love lost between these two.

Yes, the blood is that bad. But I do not think that was the plan all along.

If it was, Mae made some critical errors.

Mae had the established name and I doubt Susan would ever have run against Mae in a regular primary. There was just no need and running against an incumbent in a primary is always an uphill battle.

When May said she was going to run for mayor Susan committed to run for the senate. Mae sort of took the power of incumbency away from herself even though she is still the sitting officeholder. While Mae may have had more time to build up name ID having been the sitting senator she has given Susan a large chunk of time to cultivate contacts and have people make commitments to Susans senate run. People who were probably fine with Mae have now committed to Susan and most probably wont jump off a candidate in the middle of a race. A lot of people just don't like to do that.

Mae sent out a hit piece on one of her mayoral opponents. I would consider that a burned bridge against a power player in her district.

Mae spent money on signs and advertising for her mayoral run. She also transferred her senate campaign funds into her mayoral campaign. That was a big no no for a comeback run. By transferring her money to her mayoral race she locked her self out of being able to use that money for her senate run. You can transfer money down to the county level but once you do that, it is my understanding you can not transfer it back up to the state level. That is about 35 grand in campaign funds gone.

Susan has also been out hustling for funds. Susan has at last look about 60K in the bank for a senate run where Mae has really none.

If Mae was trying to lure Susan into the race by looking vulnerable just so she could come back to defeat her she may have lulled Susan into a real senses of security.

Beavers wants both?

Word around the capitol is Mae has been sniffing around the capitol in search of a caption bill that she could amened to allow her to run for both Wilson county mayor as well as the state senate. No success was found to date.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

There will be war and rumors of war

Blood in the streets.

That is what is about to come down.

Word is Mae Beavers is about to drop out of the race for Wilson county mayor and run again for the State Senate.

I just got done talking with Susan Lynn and asked her what her thoughts were. She was a little put off that Mae was going to run against her after being committed to run for mayor for 10 months.

She also said she had an ethical concern with dropping out of the senate race she has been in for 9 months and running again for the house because many candidates had committed and been running for her old state house seat for months.

Susan is in the race for the senate and is not getting out.

This will be a all out war. I don't think it is much of a secret there is not a lot of love lost between the two candidates. I thought there was going to be peace in the legislature with Mae making the move to run for mayor but it looks like it is going to be battle royal now. Expect frogs, locus and the rivers to run red with blood for the next few months. The apocalypse is about to rain down on Wilson county.

Pedophile doctors

My bill to keep doctors who are on the sex offender registry from practicing on children (except in emergency situations) passed full committee yesterday. As you may have read there was a situation where this was going on in Nashville area for over 10 years (And the med board supposedly was aware of the situation).

Students with guns

My bill allowing students/student athletes to own, posses, use legal guns while off campus without fear of reprisal from the university passed out of subcommittee this morning. As you may remember UT had made a blanket statement that they were going to suspend athletes who were caught with guns even if they were in legal use and on the students own time and property.

Monday, March 08, 2010

RFK on the tax for the breakfast buffet

The governor is proposing a new tax on "Free breakfasts" that hotels and motels give as part of their room rentals. By the comments I am hearing, it is not that popular of an idea. It is considered as passed as part of the governors proposed budget. If it does not pass the governor should have to make additional cuts to his proposed spending or try for another tax increase.

As many of you know, it is the governor that is required to propose the budget, not the legislature. But the governor has taken to a habit lately in an attempt to shifts his responsibility to the legislature.

Instead of proposing the budget as revenue that is actually coming in, he proposes the budget as he would like it to be with his proposed tax increases. When they look like they are not going to pass, he yells and screams that other people should have to decide how they would fix his budget without the tax increases.

I guess he has hearkened back to that old Robert F. Kennedy quote with a few changes....."Some men see budgets as the currently are and ask why. I dream up budgets with tax increases that never were and ask why not....."

Friday, March 05, 2010

Home school sports, Well begun, halfway done

Ya know people in the legislature always complain about how the state has fat, lazy kids who never want to get off the couch and do anything. We complain when these same kids grow up and their bodies fall apart and cost us tons in health care. We try and think of ways to fix the problems presented as adults when the damage is done as children. We try and think of ways to get people to become active after a sedentary childhood.

Some how there is a disconnect.

People think that homeschooled kids are different. That health concerns do not effect them, or later, the state. When the children are home schooled, we forbid them from participation in state sanctioned team sports. Their parents pay the same taxes no matter if the kids go to the school or not. In many ways they save the schools money by not using their services.

The kids want to be active, but we refuse to let them play. How smart is that?

WSMV features my bill to allow homeschool students to be able to play team sports. While the news report says 80% of schools do not favor allowing home school students to participate with their teams, two thirds of small private schools do support home school student participation. That is what my bill is allowing. Small private schools with an umbrella program already in place to allow homeschool students who have been in that umbrella program for at least one year to play team sports.

It may not be the end all, be all, but it is a small step to see if it can be done without the world coming to an end as some people think it will. I think after a small pilot program is tried it can be shown as a positive thing. Well begun, halfway done.

Give light and they will find their own way

A bill Sen. Tim Burchett and I are sponsoring this year would allow parents to see a teachers performance rating on standardized tests. The bill is featured in this WBIR story.

Many teachers don't like the idea of parents knowing if, or how well they are meeting set minimum standards for the children. If teachers don't want parents to know how they are performing then why should it be different for students? Why give tests at all? or for that matter grades?

Why? Because grades do matter. If one teachers students are constantly failing and another teachers are doing well, a parent will work to see that the better preforming teacher is rewarded. The failing teacher retrained or bounced out.

I saw this happen in my own education. My mother was a teacher at my high school. One year I was signed up to be in a physics class of a well known disastrous teacher. He had tenure and wasn't going anywhere. He spent most classes talking about his liquor store he ran at night. At the end of the year most of the kids in his class failed the standardized tests. My mom knew his history and got me transferred out of his class before the year started.

Sadly, most regular parents have no clue as to the quality of a teacher and no ability to even get one until it is too late.

The fear that a teacher will "teach to the test" does not bother me. Tests are a MINIMUM that a student should know. If they are not getting that down then maybe the teacher needs to spend more time teaching to the test and less on their own personal agenda.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

English in the workplace

English in the workplace passes out of one of the subcommittees I sit on. It got a little heated for a while but it finally worked out.

From the times article

Hill added he had worked extensively with Watts and the Tennessee Immigration and Refugee Rights Coalition on redrafting the bill.

“Now ... at the last second she comes and opposes the legislation,” Hill said of Watts.

Hill advised state Rep. Mike McDonald, D-Portland, the subcommittee’s chairman, that he wanted no more meetings with Watts.

“I’m really tired of being hijacked at the last second,” Hill told McDonald.

After Hill and Watts talked on the front row of the meeting chamber, the “allowable employment practice” amendment that passed was offered by state Rep. Stacey Campfield, R-Knoxville.

The amended bill now moves on to be considered by the House Consumer and Employee Affairs Committee.

I give credit to Matthew Hill who has worked to pass this bill for years. I also give a lot of credit to the rep from the immigrant rights coalition group (I am sorry I forgot his name) Many times deals made previous to committee fall apart when the lights come on. Any sign of weakness and some people or groups will throw a deal you already made concessions on under the bus in an attempt to completely kill a piece of legislation. That gentleman stuck to his word when it looked a little shaky and the oportunity came up.

I respect that.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Obama banned from healthcare

After reading how Obama still smokes and drinks It would be interesting to see how Rep. Mike Turners idea to ban people from state funded healthcare would fly with the Obama administration if it was added onto their healthcare bill.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Questions to the A.G.

The University of Tennessee is in the process of trying to ban legal gun owners that may also be athletes from owning legal firearms. Not just on campus but on their own property on their own time.

Is this restriction on a constitutional right for non criminal use off campus constitutional? Could it open up the state or the university to a legal challenge as to its constitutionality?

If the response to question one is yes, then how about banning free speech off campus? Could the university ban people from legal free speech off campus? Could the university ban people from speaking out against discrimination?

How about people who may vote in the wrong primary? Could a university ban a student athlete from legally voting in a general election or a republican or Democrat primary?

Could the university ban students from volunteering to work on a political campaign of their choice on their own time?

Please respond as soon as possible. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at my office.


Yours in service,

Rep. Stacey Campfield

Monday, March 01, 2010

Can they do that?

The University of Tennessee is in the process of trying to ban legal gun owners that may also be athletes from owning legal firearms. Not just on campus but on their own property on their own time.

If this restriction on a constitutional right is allowed to stand what is next?

How about banning Free speech off campus? Speak out against discrimination? Gone. Join a protest? Gone. Speak against Al Gore or global warming? Gone.

How about people who may vote in the wrong primary? Vote Republican? Gone.

UT seems dead set to jump on the liberal crazy train with both feet.

I am in the process of drafting some questions to the AG regarding the constitutionality of this issue for the very near future.

Who is getting a bonus????

After talking with the comptroller one thing sort of keeps on popping up as a flag in my mind.

State employees are getting a 3% bonus.

Some are making the argument that the bonus is deserved. OK. I can see some wanting to make the argument but I asked a question tonight on if ALL state employees getting a bonus in the proposed plan?

"Yes" came the response.

What about the high pay employees. Pat Summit, Bruce Pearl, even our new football coach Derick Dooley who has been on the job for 15 minutes?

"Yes" came the response. All of higher ed is covered.

So all the presidents, vice presidents as well? Those making well into the six figures or possibly 7 figures could be getting a 3% bonus?


Capitol buzz

Not a lot of support for the cable box tax increase.

The governor still wants to spend $10 million to buy more land.

Revenue projections are looking crappy again. We are 20-50 million below where we have been projecting.

Might I suggest the mullet fish?

Fish and birds are now allowed in barber shops. Thank the lord we passed that one!

Military voting passes

A bill allowing our military to be able to vote while overseas with a little more ease passed today. The legislation was killed last year but as the heat came down and it was brought back this year.