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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I was thinking the same thing

Terry Frank lets Democrats have it for their hypocrisy on the Ira Brody issue. Last I checked accused does not mean admitted or convicted. If you are looking for a convicted criminal who donated to politicians just reference Norman Shu and the Tennessee Democrats.

Everybody's saying it.

It sure is nice with about all Tennessee candidates claiming they are "conservative". The problem is that word, to most of them, it means about nothing.

What I hear said most from candidates when quizzed on what being conservative at election time means is balancing the budget without a state income tax (because it will not pass).

Well, O.K. I think the income tax issue is clearly about dead and not likely to come back up any time soon. The state constitution says the state budget has to be balanced and an income tax is unconstitutional as well. So lets take those issues off the table.

The only place that issue would be interesting would be at the federal level and I would love to see that question come up to a federal candidate. Especially one who has said a graduated income tax is bad at the state level.

"Do you support repeal of the national income tax for a flat tax/national sales tax? for a fair tax? If sales tax works and you said it was great for Tennessee at the state level would you support it or co sponsor it at the federal level?"

Ask that of some current legislators who are running for federal office and you would quickly see where they really stand on graduated income taxes. Not just because it can't pass at the legislative level here in Tennessee.

Many times after the election the voters feel like Charlie Brown. They vote for the candidate who tells them they want to help move the ball down the field, but after the election, when ball moving time comes that darn Lucy pulls it away. I would love to hear what candidates want to do pro actively, to move the conservative agenda forward. Not just what they don't want to do, but what they DO want to do to help the conservative movement.

Those are two worlds apart. Using a sports analogy it is sort of like saying "I want to score a touchdown in football". When asked how, a player says "Well, I don't want to fumble the ball"

That is nice but not fumbling is not moving the ball down the field. Not fumbling is not a score. How do you want to score?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Oh really? I would never have guessed!

Bredesen appointed to positions of power all Democrats who gave money to him and other Democrats.
Wow. What a shock.

Democrats have been doing it for years. It is almost like when Democrats went all partisan on election coordinators. Suddenly all county election offices were run by Democrats and Republicans were out the door no questions asked. No lawsuits. No one was shocked.

Now, as Republicans take over, it is trial lawyer heaven and Republicans are "evil" for surrounding themselves with like minded people. People who will help push through their ideas and people who might actually support people who support those ideas.

I have to give the Democrats credit. When they were in power you knew it. It was there way or the highway. Now that Tennessee is turning the corner and about to make real progress the Democrats expect Republicans to let them stay in power so they can keep on doing what they have been doing to our state for years.

I just hope the new administration remembers what momma used to always say " You can't soar with the eagles if you surround yourself with turkeys!"

Crack Tax costs the state more money

As expected the crack tax is costing the state millions more after it was struck down as unconstitutional.

The TCPR did a rundown on how just the collection of the unconstitutional tax was costing the state more then it was bringing in.

Now, even what was collected is going back out. Reagan Farr, the state misses you.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Suddenly they got religion

I am just cracking up at all the sudden reports on how everything is great and there are no need to raise taxes. While I welcome the sudden support of some people and groups to the conservative movement, it is funny that the Tennessean is just now coming out with a report on the evils of the "Technical corrections" bill as Republicans are poised to take control of the legislature and the governors mansion.

Republicans were able to stop the tax increase machine this last year when we finally got the numbers, but where was the media help in years past? Where were they for 7 years as Bredesen lit up the TC bill like a Christmas tree with all the tax increases he hung on it?

Silent for the most part.

Do they suddenly fear their own sales tax exempt status might be in danger in a future TC bill? It's not so funny when it's your ox that could get gored is it?

And Phil, Come on now. You saying there should be no reason for the next governor to raise taxes? You were increasing taxes when we had a surplus! Now, as you are leaving and the state economy is about to jump off a billion dollar plus cliff (Barring stimulus part two) you suddenly got religion?

How convenient.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Joe Carr gets second

I was in the Murfreesboro area this weekend and made two observations. First, Rep. Joe Carr is going to win big. As in it is not going to be close. Yes, Joe is going to be a big winner but he still gets second place as for big winners this weekend.

This weekends big winner was my good friend David Criswell. He was lucky enough to win the heart of a truly great woman who took pity on him and consented to marriage. Dave and Katie Carpenter are now happily married and going to be a great family.

Congratulations to the happy couple. I hope you two enjoy your honeymoon. Don't get too much sun.

Motivational quote of the day

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."

~Theodore Roosevelt

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sorry and thank you

I am sorry I have not been blogging much lately. I have been helping get some of the minor things together for a reception I had a few days ago and doing the cleanup work afterward that is associated with this type of event.

Special thanks goes out to Lee and Terry Frank for doing most of the heavy lifting that putting an event like this together entails.

Thank you Ron Ramsey, Tim Burchett and Frank Niceley for coming and being the featured speakers at the event. You guys were great!

Thank you to all the senators, future senators, state Reps, past and future state reps who came and supported my campaign. I know some of you drove a long way to come and show your support and I do appreciate it.

Thanks to the host committee and all the people who came in support. It was great to be surrounded by so many friends.

Thank you to all those who were not able to come but still called or sent a card or donation. It is greatly appreciated.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Congratulations Senator Hill

Today Knox county commission appointed Steve Hill to be the senator for the 7th senatorial District. You may remember me talking about Steve Hill here.

Steve will be the state senator filling Tim Burchett's vacated seat until the November election.

He is a good man and I am happy he won the appointment.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Will this be on the front page?

Below you will see some pictures I took Friday afternoon about 6-7 PM on the corner of 17th street and Cumberland outside of the Taj restaurant. Now, most of the time I would let it go but after the way some in the media and on the other side of the fence made hey when I parked outside the capitol doors for 5 minutes with permission of a trooper to cast a key vote, no dice.

I am curious if a Democrat Chairman will be treated anywhere near the same way I was when it does not look like any of those extenuating factors were an issue.

Lets see.

Some simple questions.

Will these photos be on the front page of the Knoxville paper or papers state wide as mine were?

I release the photos for any and all print media use as long as my name or history is not mentioned anywhere in the story or reporting. Let this story stand on its own.

Will Democrat legislators say Chairman Craig Fitzhugh must think he is above the law of regular people for this?

I won't hold my breath.

Will Chairman Craig Fitzhugh be contacted for rebuttal or offered an opportunity to explain?

I know I wasn't before the pictures of my car outside the capitol ran state wide.

Will editorial writer's do long editorials calling Craig Fitzhugh a jerk for parking in a place that was clearly illegal (without permission) similar to the way they did for me when I did have permission?

FYI I alerted the KNS when I saw this just to see what they would do. I will give them the benefit of the doubt and say possibly they couldn't find a photographer and get them over to the scene in the hour or two I saw the car sit there.

Well, here it is, on a silver platter.

Are Democrats and Republicans treated equally by the media?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Just a teaser

What should this sign mean to a Republican legislator? a Democrat legislator? a Reporter? a newspaper editor?

More fun in the morning......

Just like uptown.

Boy, it is funny how history repeats itself.

I was just reading the news about the federal congressional black caucus and how many members are under investigation for steering scholarships to family members.

It made me think back a few years to the history of our own Tennessee legislative black caucus and some of the questionable dealings there.

I was just wondering, did Rep. Joe Armstrong ever account for where all that questionable money he got from the black caucus went?

As I recall Joe's daughter also got a questionable scholarship from the same black caucus that was under investigation. What ever became of that? Did Armstrong ever return the money they handed out for scholarships like many of the federal black caucus members are having to do now?

From the article, "Experts in nonprofit law say that, even without explicit written rules, self-dealing is forbidden under the tax code."

Well, did he?

I even know some legislators who question Joe's working to deregulate the gas and oil companies while holding large amounts of stock and working for Tengasco (an oil and gas company) Or all the money Joe's wife made for being a lobbyist for the health care industry while Joe was the chairman of the health committee. Many said it closely resembled John Ford and the money he took being a "lobbyist" for some of the health care industry companies.

We all know where that got John.

Now, I know that a lot of officeholders aren't supporting those questionable actions. If you sit in the Legislature, I don't know who would bring themselves to support that type of history and acts inside or outside the Legislature. From the shady Tengasco oil deals in Nashville to questionable scholarships or deals for family members or missing money from questionable sources. These are acts of defiance by some people that think they are above the law, as well as anyone else.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

If we must

It seems my opponent and his team have decided that for a campaign plan, instead of attacking issues facing our state, they will attack me personally. It is a shame my opponent and his team think being a pro life, anti income tax, small government conservative who supports the constitution is so radical and extreme.

The only "crazy train" I have heard about in this election cycle is the multi billion dollar monorail my opponent wants to build from his house to Pigeon Forge.

Does that sound like East Tennessee conservative common sense in these tight fiscal times? It doesn't to me either.

I suppose they have been enviously following their big spending Washington hero's Obama, Pelosi and Reid for a little too long. Hopefully this Novembers elections will send them a message to start listening to the people of Tennessee again.

Push polling

There has been a lot of negative push polling going on about me in my race for the state senate.

Why is it my opponents fear battling on the real issues that are likely to come up in the legislature?

I guess when you can not speak about yourself or your campaign in a positive way that resonates with people you are left only with negative campaigning.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Steele and the other anthem

I went to hear Michael Steele last night and had an OK time. It was a fair event with good attendance. Michael was kind with his time and did a short Q&A after speaking and then did an extended one allowing people to come and take pictures with him after the event.

One thing I found odd was at the beginning of the event we were all asked to stand for "The Black National Anthem"

While the event was sponsored by the Black Cultural Programming Committee and the UT Issues Committee I did not know we had an anthem for each race in America. I thought we only had one national anthem that included all races. Too bad that anthem was never sang.

Monday, September 13, 2010

You may have read.

Yep, I'm having a fundraiser reception and you are invited.

The Host Committee cordially invites you to join
Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey & Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett
for a fundraising reception for Stacey Campfield for State Senate
Tuesday, September 21, 2010 6:00pm-7:30pm
Club LeConte 2700 Plaza Tower ~ 800 Gay Street ~ Knoxville
$200 Suggested Donation

Due to economic conditions, if you cannot afford this, please come as my guest.

Paid for by VoteStacey.com
2011 Flagler R d. • Knoxville, T N 37912

The Host Committee:

Mayor Bill Haslam
Sheriff J. J. Jones
John J. Duncan III
Rep. Mike Bell
Rep. Bill Dunn
Rep. Jimmy Matlock
Rep. Frank Niceley
Rep. Ryan Haynes
Steve Hall
Steve Hill
Sen. Randy McNally
Sen. Brian Kelsey
Sen. Delores Gresham
Sen. Jack Johnson
Sen. Mark Norris
Sen. Jim Tracy
Sen. Bo Watson
Sen. Mae Beavers
Sen. Ken Yager
Sen. Diane Black

Paul Stanley blogs

Terry Frank reports about a new blogger to the Tennessee scene. Former senator Paul Stanley.

This should be interesting.

I can give you a clue

Millions spent to study infant mortality

Want to curb a huge chunk of infant mortality? Stop abortion and the 19,000 babies killed in Tennessee a year.

Motivational quote of the day

"Your vision becomes clear when you look inside your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens."

~Carl Jung

Upcoming events

I am about to drop some interesting stuff in the next day or so.

Stay tuned....

Oh, like mine.

I was just surfing some new blogs and I noticed one did not allow for comments. I thought to myself. "Boy, that is sure is frustrating. It's not really a blog if you can't comment." And then I thought...."Oh yea, like mine."

Sorry I have not been able to figure out how to moderate my comments for my blog. I have sent 3 e mails to echo asking for help. All to no avail. I was able to add a bar that lets you comment on if you found it interesting or cool but that is about it for now.


I am also wanting to add some blogs to my blog roll but I haven't quite cracked the new blogger system yet so if you are not on there, it is not that I don't want to add you. It is just I am not that computer savvy.

It's more likely green

Hank Dye on the only color that matters....

Officials of both the UT and Regents systems say partisanship has nothing to do with board operations and they never inquire about party loyalties.

“When the governor appoints them, we embrace them and bring them into the fold,” said Manning.

“At the University of Tennessee, there’s no red, no blue. It’s all orange,” quipped UT Vice President Hank Dye.

Again, The Dean

Quote of the day

Ron Ramsey on people with advanced degrees

"step off campus and they're lost."

"They like to get up in the morning, comb their beard, put on their wire-rim glasses, throw their little tweed vest on and go to school for three hours... and hate Republicans,"

Hat tip: The Dean

Sunday, September 12, 2010

On the radio

I will be on the Hubert Smith radio show today at 11 AM on AM850 or you can listen on line here.

Well what do you know

It has been over a year and still no blood flowing down the nature trail from all the O.K. Corral style gunfights predicted by the left.

From the Andy Sher article....

NASHVILLE — “I am pleasantly surprised,” said Tennessee Environment and Conservation Commissioner Jim Fyke, who in 2009 lobbied against the so-called “guns in parks” bill. “I believed that it was not a good idea.”.....

......During debate on the bill in 2009, proponents argued permit holders needed to be able to protect themselves on state property. But Fyke said then that crimes against people were rare in Tennessee parks and the measure was unneeded.

The law’s main House sponsor, Rep. Frank Niceley, R-Strawberry Plains, said he is “really not surprised” by the few problems.

“Everybody predicted all these shootouts,” Nicely said. “What they miss is we’re talking about law-abiding citizens here. We’re not talking about crooks.”......

........Tennessee has issued nearly 340,000 handgun-carry permits since 1996. As of July 1, 293,431 Tennesseans held valid handgun permits, according to the Department of Safety’s website.

Lottery not football

In this article Republican Sen. Randy McNally and even Democrat Rep. Les Winningham smack around Democrat leader Senator Jimmy Kyle for trying to make the energy efficient schools bill a political football.

From the Tennessean article....

There have been recent attempts, on the part of the Sen­ate Demo­c­ra­tic leader, to rewrite his­tory as it relates to the Energy Effi­cient Schools Ini­tia­tive. Con­trary to this attempt, the ini­tia­tive was a bipar­ti­san leg­isla­tive effort. Per­haps even more con­cern­ing is the insin­u­a­tion that these funds can be used to off­set the deficit in the lot­tery schol­ar­ship program.

Sup­port for pro­gram was bipartisan

The con­sti­tu­tional amend­ment res­o­lu­tion that allowed the vote on the lot­tery, the bill that cre­ated the schol­ar­ship pro­gram, and every adjust­ment to the pro­gram since has passed on a bipar­ti­san vote. Now some are try­ing to make the schol­ar­ships a polit­i­cal issue in the cam­paign season.

The schol­ar­ship pro­gram is oper­at­ing at an approx­i­mate $20 mil­lion annual deficit. At the time the Energy Effi­cient Schools Ini­tia­tive was cre­ated, $350 mil­lion in lot­tery reserves was treated like an endow­ment and placed in long-term invest­ments to earn $16 mil­lion per year in inter­est to pro­vide more schol­ar­ships. If the remain­ing EESI funds were added to these invest­ments, it would only cre­ate an addi­tional $1.6 mil­lion per year, a far cry from plug­ging the shortfall.

To con­tinue the pro­gram at the cur­rent level and spend the one-time reserves for recur­ring expenses would greatly endan­ger the long-term sta­bil­ity of the schol­ar­ship pro­gram. It would also be irre­spon­si­ble to expand the pro­gram with­out future rev­enue to sus­tain it. That would be more like Wash­ing­ton oper­ates than Ten­nessee. The schol­ar­ship pro­gram must be adjusted to fit within the exist­ing rev­enue now, so that future schol­ars can be guar­an­teed that the funds will be there for their scholarships.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

What Knoxville needs

I love Knoxville. Lots of great things to see and do. Great businesses and food. But there are a few restaurants, or at least dishes I wouldn't mind seeing someone open or at least put on the menu.

Ive had a craving the last day or so after talking with a person who had also had one of these.

I give you, The infamous garbage plate. Originally done in Rochester NY at a dive called Nick Tahou's.

"First amendment should be banned"

Yes, at least on college campuses and public areas. I mean the teachers can not control themselves much less some wacky hormonal 22 year old kid. I admit some may be alright but there are definite possibilities that one in a crowd might say or type or even think something wrong. If a student is somewhere else, on their own property, there, they can think on there own. But not on campus. There, all thoughts will be controlled.

What if a teacher or older student thought differently in a class on politics? They might speak up. Then what would everyone else do? No one else would be able to confront them. What if someone started speaking or even thought about government dissent in a park. What then? All hell could break loose.

That is why no one should have free speech or thought on campuses or in parks.

Sound reasonable?

Crazy idea, I know. But after all "The pen is mightier then the sword" And weapons are banned on campus and most parks for similar reasons. Why then not the words and thoughts that are more powerful then the weapon?

Why? Because we live in a free society that trusts its people. A society that expects people to defend themselves from violent thoughts, words or action. Once we start removing protections and rights, others will fall. Second, then the first.

Forget the 3. Remember the 18.

Sometimes I get frustrated with my own party. I think we have battered wife syndrome. We have been down and abused by the Democrats so long we don't know what to do when we are finally up.

The Chairmanship of the Tennessee Board of Regents is a perfect example.

The TBR board is made up of 18 politically appointed Democrats. They just changed the requirements for the top job so they could hire (with out any real search) a less then qualified right hand man of the Democrat governor and give him a huge payday.

What do Republicans do? Complain about the amount of the pay increase and cry about 3 board appointment that should be Republicans.

Hello! A 15 to 3 vote is not going to make any real difference in any outcome. Democrats will still be able to run roughshod over the TBR.

If we are to lead, we need to start thinking about adjusting those seats to be as fair to the Democrats as the Democrats have been to Republicans for the last 150 years. At an absolute minimum they should be close to 50/50 with a slight Republican control, say 10/8.

Honestly. 15 to 3? Come on.

If Bill Haslam is going to be the next governor I hope he is ready to put on the big boy pants, is talking with Republican leadership, planning who those (10 minimum) people will be and who the next top man to lead the TBR will be. Republicans have many great leaders in educational thought. It is finally the time that their leadership and ideas were given a chance to shine.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Fools and drunks

As I was heading out to work this morning I was stopped at a stop sign waiting for traffic on the major thoroughfare to ease up. On the thoroughfare in front of me there was a stopped 18 wheeler waiting for traffic to ease so it could turn also.

As I sat and waited, a minivan slammed into the back of the 18 wheeler at about 50 MPH. The big rig barely moved. About all of the impact was on the minivan drivers side. I pulled my car over as I called 911 and went to see what I might be able to do to help. The mini van was gone on the drivers side all the way back to where the driver would have been sitting. I could see the exploded airbags through the shattered windshield but no driver. As I approached the scene at the behest of the 911 operator I fully expected to see what was left of a human body, or at least parts of one. As I got closer I could see a long haired man knocked over toward the passenger seat. He was just coming to but was clearly disoriented. His legs appeared trapped beneath the crushed front of the minivan. I told him to remain calm (To what effect I do not know) as I could already hear sirens and see fire trucks coming toward me.

I waited for emergency services to arrive and got out of there way.

After running my errands I came back by the area. What was left of the minivan was being dragged up onto a flatbed hauler as a cop directed traffic around it. I stopped and told the cop I witnessed the accident and wanted to know if he had any questions. He did. After recounting what I saw, I asked if the man inside survived.

"Survived?" He said.

"Heck, he is sitting cuffed in the back of my cruiser!"

I was blown away. I figured his legs were mashed at a minimum.

The cop said he was fine but was half drunk. (It was 9:30 AM)

I guess it is true what my mom often said "The lord protects fools and drunks"

Kudos go out to the EMS crew that showed up on Western Ave. They were there in what seemed like under a minute. They must have been waiting in the seat with their hand on the key in the ignition to get there that quickly. I was impressed.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Happy labor day

Lets look at one perfect example of how labor unions have helped keep one quality person in our education system, leading our young children, for at least 5 of 9 years.

Griffin, a nine-year school system employee who is certified to teach prekindergarten through third grade, is on administrative leave with pay, according to school system officials.

Her offenses, which date to the 2005-06 school year, include not appropriately assessing students, sleeping while pupils watched a curriculum-related video and using the word "bitchy" while speaking to her preschoolers, according to McIntyre's letter.

In the 2005-06 year, Griffin was rated not proficient in using the correct evaluation to assess whether her Sam E. Hill Family Community Center preschool students had mastered course content, the letter states. Griffin was transferred to three different schools until the 2009-10 academic year when she was placed in an intensive assistance program to help improve her skills. She did not meet the goals established for her growth.

Last year, Griffin was absent 56 times including 18 days during the first month of school. She also was tardy to work or left early on 20 occasions, McIntyre said.

At one point, she told her preschoolers to "quit acting like a fool," he said.

"This is an inappropriate way to communicate with preschool students," the letter states.

Griffin may ask for a hearing before a hearing officer on the charges and must request one within 30 days of receiving McIntyre's letter. The officer will make a decision and if Griffin is dissatisfied, she may appeal it to the school board.

Don't worry there is a chance in a few more years something might change and she might actually loose her job.

Don't you all wish your job would give you 5 years of chances and leave with pay because they have virtually no way to fire you?

My money is she will just move to another school system and start over.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Illegal children not eligible for birth certificates

The Washington Post does a great rundown on why the children of illegal aliens may not be eligible for birth certificates. Texas has passed a bill like the one I ran a few years ago that says the 14th amendment does not cover illegal aliens. Thus no requirement by the states to issue state birth certificates to children of illegals.

Norris approved

Hat tip:Steve Gill

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Isn't that why we left?

While I have held my tongue on the issue of the Murf mosque so far, things have gotten out of control. Just because you or I may not agree with someones religious point of view does not give us the right to stop them from religious assembly. Yes, there are parts of the Muslim faith that go directly against my own beliefs and in some ways I see the religion being used as a tool to facilitate destruction and violence against people of other faiths but it is those actions that should have consequences. Not the study of the religion itself.

America was founded on freedom of religion. Not freedom from religion. There should not be any special ordinances put in place for building of a mosque any more then there should be for building a church, a synagogue or any house of worship.

Burning a non threatening mosque is at the same level as burning churches in the 60s that supported integration, or imprisoning all Asians after Pearl Harbor. Who is next? Followers of Scientology? Mormons? Seventh day Adventists? Hindus? Catholics?

I would like to think my own faith is strong enough to be compared to other religions and have them found wanting. Violence against a non threatening place of worship is unjustifiable in a country that has as one of the cornerstones of its being, religious freedom.

After all isn't that why we left Europe? Do we want to become like some of the Muslim countries so many people espouse against and stifle all religious freedom?

If we are to be that last beacon of hope and freedom, that shining city on the hill that all others look to with envy, we must allow that freedom of speech and religion even when it clashes with our own beliefs.