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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

They are open if you're Republican or Democrat

The Republican SEC is considering a resolution that would advocate closing the Republican primaries. It makes sense to me, the idea of a party primary is to elect the parties nominee who will support and closest represents that parties views, ideas, ideals and goals.

Lately, in some elections, it has turned into an attempt by some minority parties to weaken the opposing parties candidate or to pick a candidate who doesn't necessarily represent that parties views.

At the top level, on the Republican side of the ticket, this was openly advocated by Rush Limbaugh to help Hillary Clinton make Obama spend money in the primary. It kept Hillary in the race longer then she deserved and had limited success.

On the national Democrat side, this was done to help John McCain gain momentum and pull out some early, open primary state victories, but the same people later allowed him to collapse on the true election day.

At the state level this threw the Democrat party into chaos when Republicans crossed over and helped in the primary election of Rosaland Kurita but it later put the party in a tough spot when they overturned the primary election results because of her (support of Ron Ramsey?) questionable election results.

The primaries are not true state elections. First off, no one is elected. That happens in the general election. The primaries are a party election. They are preformed courtesy of the state to help pick the parties nominee for the election. The party is the final word on the nominee and for that matter, the final word for the people who will help make the selection. They can allow, or disallow, whoever they want to help make the selection. They can even refuse to hold an election and appoint a nominee if they so chose.

If the party only wants people who have the best interest of their party to help decide who that candidate will be, then they should.

The thought is, while some people switch parties, they should be required to do it early, as in before a field is set for the current primary election or have them sit out an election cycle. This would stop last minute switches when a primary is empty on the opposing ticket.

When a person changes party I don't think it is unreasonable to also ask them to sign a paper saying that they pledge or affirm that the party they are switching to, most closely represents their current values and ideals. If they don't want to do that then their reason for suddenly switching should be clear and it is not to help or truly support the party or candidate of their current choosing.

Hey, hey Mr. football!

Davis Frank, son of radio personality Lee and (blogger) Terry Frank has been named Mr. football for Tennessee. Besides a great football player Davis is also a 4.0 student. Offers for scholarships to attend top schools are flowing in. Davis will be the second scholar athlete from the Frank family as older brother Aticus Frank is already on scholarship at Swanee.

Congrats to Davis and the Frank family for all of your hard work!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Charter schools on the rise

What do you know? Charter schools (schools with little limits or regulations such as teacher tenure) are showing great strides.

Friday, November 26, 2010

You are so 2006

The Tennessean looks at the effects of a "Breakthrough new" drug used in the treatment of drug addicts. It is called Suboxone. While it did not get any play, I was advocating for the drug to have more availability as a replacement to methadone in methadone clinics back in 2005 or 2006.

Quote of the day

"When you champion moral issues that are repulsive to Southern Baptists or to devout Catholics, it's hard to convince them they ought to vote for you."*

*Former US Rep Lincoln Davis

Thursday, November 25, 2010

How government does Thanksgiving dinner

Have a good one everybody. No matter how bad it may look, we really do have a LOT to be thankful for.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Jobs!, Jobs!, Jobs!

It seems to be the catch Fraze now by the left, moderates and even some libertarians "The only issue you need to talk about in the legislature is jobs."

A little enlightenment for some. Legislators do not create jobs. Jobs are created by the Private sector. The only exception to this is when legislators expand government and create government jobs and Those jobs often come at a cost to the private sector greater then the jobs they create.

Job recruitment of foreign or out of state companies is not done by the legislature either. It is done by ECD and that is part of the governors staff.

The best thing a legislator can do at a legislative level is create a positive environment for a private business to start up, stay, expand, employ more people or move into their area. There are a variety of things and issues business look at before moving to an area or expanding.

Many of the issues that get looked at, that help or incentivize business to grow, are the exact same issues the traditional left and some libertarians do not want us to talk about.

Well, here some of the issues no one wants to talk about and how they create jobs and effect employment in Tennessee any way.

Gun rights for jobs!

Yes, even gun rights can have a slight effect on jobs. First, Tennessee is a gun production state. We have employers that produce guns. More gun freedom will lead to more gun sales. Sales will lead to more production that will lead to more jobs.

Also it is a well know statistic that more legal gun freedom has proven to reduce criminal activity. Less crime equates to less jails, prisons, court and police costs.
Less costs in those areas leads to less taxation. Less taxation leads to a companies ability to expand and hire more people.


Legal solutions. Allow people who are legally allowed to carry, the right of self protection where ever their immediate health and safety is not secured and insured by another party.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Social issues for jobs

What? Social issues have an effect on jobs? "Impossible!" the left and even some of my more libertarian friends say. "They are mutually exclusive"

Absolutely wrong.

One of the top thing that has changed in my mind from my time in the legislature is how huge the impact of social issues are on the state budget and how they effect employers, employees and jobs in Tennessee. The thing is you have to be willing to look at the root of origional problems to see it.

Drug and alcohol addiction causes huge losses for state employers.

Absenteeism, Lost productivity of workers while on the job, increase in injury of workers leading to workers comp claims, unemployment, the high cost of social programs (Child supports, welfare programs, etc.), prisons are all costs to the employers in the form of direct costs or taxes that could be used to support more employee or keep American workers competitive with lower paid foreign workers and companies.

Why do we have such huge problems with these issues?

While not the sole cause or a guarantee of failure, from what I have seen, a large chunk is due to the breakdown of the traditional family unit. Absentee parenthood, perpetuated by a society that rewards and props up that behavior, only expands the problem. An unstable/insecure/parent-less home just helps create the next generation of unstable insecure adults with a low self worth.

This, more then any other factor (Economic background, race, location, school or teacher) is also the top predictor of a child's potential for success in school.

What happens to adults who are unstable, insecure with a low self worth and poor education? They often turn into drugs/alcohol abusers and get into bad relationships to compensate. Many times this leads into a life of criminal activity and or physical and mental abuse of the next generation.

How do you legislatively help change the course?

We have seen what does not work. Dehumanizing young, unborn children, disenfranchising and alienation of good parents in our courts, hyper sexualization of young children in schools, incentivize single parenthood through social programs and taxation, ease of marriage and divorce.

When one direction has proven a failure, possibly it is time to go in another direction.

Want productive workers to get and keep jobs? Want an educated workforce? Want employees that compete in production with foreign employees for jobs? We need to work on social issues and rebuilding the traditional family unit.

Government reforms needed to create jobs

Cutting government is needed if we are to compete for jobs in a global market. While many of the restrictions that we have in place are federal issues, we will need to do more as a state if we are going to compete even nationally for jobs. We need a state government that respects the small business as much as it respects the large business from out of state. It's a little like baseball in that we have a salary cap (limited budget) and we can afford to buy one or two big hitters or we can build a farm team. While renting the home run hitter (A largely subsidised company) is nice for a few years, we need to develop businesses that can grow into singles and doubles hitters that don't cost the state as much long term and employ more in the big picture.

We do that by keeping business taxes low.

By giving people faith that when they buy land it won't be taken unjustly by Eminent Domain just to give it to a bigger company.

By limiting unwanted and unwarranted annexation doubling property taxes on some people and businesses.

By setting some reasonable definitions and limits for the EPA.

Legal reforms for jobs

Jobs is the issue, Now here is how legal reform is needed to help Tennesseans get jobs. When Tennessee businesses are having to pay lawyers to fight off frivolous lawsuits (a system often used to impeded legal businesses from being able to grow) it hurts the businesses ability to expand and employ more people.

Legal reforms needed to cut frivolous lawsuits and allow businesses to create jobs.

Loser pays legal fees of the winner in all civil lawsuits.

Limits on non economic/punitive damages.

Illegal immigration reform for jobs

Jobs are the hot issue right now and the left seems to think that should be the only issue we talk about. Not that it isn't important but it is not a single topic issue. It has tentacles that effect many other area and are effected by many other areas.

In my last post I talked about how k-12 education reform effected jobs.

Now on to how Illegal immigration also effects jobs.

When an illegal alien takes a job from a legal citizen that hurts legal residents ability to get good jobs. When a illegal alien business under bids a legal tax paying business that hurts that legal businesses ability to stay in business and employ people (Lost jobs). When an illegal alien takes a seat at a university class with a limited enrollment it hurts the legal citizens ability to get a proper and timely education. That hurts the legal citizens job potential.

Some of the illegal immigration reforms I would like to see to help legal Tennesseans get jobs...

E verify law passed to check name vs SSN previous to employment or sub contracting.

e verify type system for all new state funded university students.

Stop issuance of free STATE birth certificates to children of illegal aliens. This will help demagnetise our state.

Stop allowing non emergency services to illegal aliens to help demagnetise our state.

Education reform/Jobs

While Tom Humphrey did a good job laying out the potential reforms for business, one key area not mentioned was the need to reform education. If you listen to the pundits education has an effect on our job recruiting abilities.

For years (Decades?) The Democrats of Shelby county legislative delegation have controlled the education committee in the state house and stopped education reform. They were locked in with the teachers unions who refused to make corrections. This was incredibly maddening to me as Shelby county (particularly Memphis city schools) have had some of the worst education system results year after year, decade after decade, in the entire nation. The results from this one county pull the testing results for the rest of the state down to the cellar.

The fact that we let possibly the worst county for education results in the nation tell the rest of the state how to best educate children, to me, was akin to asking Mel Gibson how to best keep a happy home life and asking Michael Vick how to care for and train your family pet.


Hopefully a speaker Harwell will change this and stack the education committee with people who are ready and willing to make needed reforms to move us up.

On the list of possible reforms?

Just speaking for myself, among the things I would like to see reformed in pre K - 12 education would be...

A swap of lifetime tenure teacher protection with civil service protection.

A removal of the charter school limits.

A real look into vouchers to private schools to get kids out of repeatedly failing schools.

Allow home school students to participate in TSSAA sports programs.

Fully funding of English as a Second Language classes only AFTER fully funding of the Basic Education Plan.

Sending of a resolution about NCLB to the fed telling them to work on the formula would help as well.

Put funding for pre K back out of the lottery scholarship and put the non lottery funds currently spent on pre K into K-12 education. Possibly earmarking it for teacher bonus for improvements in individual student scores.

The list is long but it is a starting point.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Just call me...

"A leader is not an administrator who loves to run others, but someone who carries water for his people so they can get on with their jobs."

~Robert Townsend

OK, lets lay it all out there. I am a senator. The office is transferred on election night at midnight. We all start getting paid as our office holds from that point on and if an issue were to arise the person elected would go to Nashville the next day. The election results were certified last week some time and there is an official swearing in ceremony the second Tuesday in November, but it is more of a formality that goes with the office that you already have.

A lot of people make a big issue about what they are called. Titles are funny things. Some people get pretty wrapped up in them. If someone asks about my official title, I am a senator. But being called one is really not a big deal to me. I may kid about it, but heck, during the election I was called much, much worse. Now that the election is passed I honestly still prefer people call me by my original title.


The old title of Representative was alright in that it was descriptive of the job. Representative fit because we represent the people.

I never really understood the entire "Well, your a (whatever) now, that is a big deal, you have a lot of power over people" mentality. To me it is sort of the opposite. The people are the bosses. A lot of people now have power over me. I have 180+ thousand bosses. It was the people that put me into this position. It is the people that can take it away. They are the bosses. In my mind, the boss gets the title and the servant serves.

When I think about making a big deal about the title I think back to the old roman movies where the leader clapped his hands and said something like "Slave! bring me more pealed grapes!" and the servant did it. If the servant had a fit about it and said "How dare you tell me what to do! Do you know who I am? I am a licensed dietitian! I say how, what and when you can eat" It would have been off with the servants head.

We all have jobs and titles. A title does not make an employee a superior to the employer and a title does not make a person any better or worse then before they had the title. The job did not come with a cape. I did not suddenly shoot up in I.Q. 40 points when I was elected. My spelling sure didn't get dramatically better and it is foolish to think I am suddenly not going to ever get mad or make another mistake.

Get over it. We are all still regular humans. We just have different jobs, some with titles.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Chip Forester sings!!!!

Business reform plan

"The Dean" does a good job of laying out some of the top Republican ideas to surpass North Carolina and make Tennessee #1 for a business friendly climate.

On the list, tort reform, workers comp, unemployment reform and reform of the department of revenue.

Not mentioned on the list but still on the table are union reforms.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pass a budget and go home? Oh no.

Some people are saying that now as Republicans are about to take over the legislature (for real) that we should just pass a budget and go home.

Their reasoning is, now that we have control, we shouldn't do a lot and possibly screw it up or upset people. The fringe minority media cries of "No more gun bills or abortion bills! It's all you guys did! You are the party of "No!" We don't like that! We need government services! Moderation! Middle of the road! You're all a bunch of RADICALS!!!" have some members scared.

Are They nuts?

Guess what? We talked about guns, abortion and cutting government three years ago. The press freaked out! They called us "Radicals" and "Crazy".

Our base was motivated.

We picked up 4 seats in the house in a down Republican year.

This last session, We passed a small fraction of our conservative agenda. We spent less then 3% of our time pushing and passing gun and abortion bills. The press went bonkers. The Democrat governor vetoed the legislation. The press roared! we over road the veto. The press SCREAMED! We attacked the liberal education bureaucracy. They called us short sighted Neanderthals. We started to take action on illegal immigration. They called us xenophobes. We cut government jobs, stopped tax increases and said we planned to do more next time. They cried like the world was coming to an end.

There was wailing and gnashing of teeth at the editors desk about every single day!

We still picked up 14 seats in the house, one in the senate, three in Congress and the Governors mansion.

Now, we have control. Our base who volunteered, worked and voted to put us in office want us to do what we promised. They want the reward for their time and effort. And they deserve it. All the promises we have made should be fulfilled.

Now is not the time to be silent. Now is not the time to allow the status Quo to continue. We have nearly super majority in both bodies.

Guess what? The press is still going to freak out as we pass our agenda. They will yell, scream and call us names just like they did last time. I don't think they could possibly scream any more or be any more vindictive then they were the last few years. If the liberal media has not shown they have turned into the living definition of a paper tiger I don't know what else they can do to prove it. They didn't hurt us then and it won't hurt us this time.

Now it is our time.

If not now when? Are the numbers going to get radically better? Not likely. Could we lose some seats in the future? Possibly, but if history is any precursor to success it will NOT be because we were too aggressively following our agenda. It will be because we did not follow it close enough. It will be because we were timid when we should be bold. It will be because we let the majority of people down who do support our ideas, to follow the wishes of the fringe minority of loud liberal whiners who do not.

Now is the time for ACTION!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Motivational quote of the day

"How many a man has thrown up his hands at a time when a little more effort, a little more patience, would have achieved success."

~Elbert Hubbard

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Harwell wins

Beth Harwell has just won the primary election to be the Republican caucus nominee to be speaker of the house.

What to watch for

In today's nomination for Republican majority leader (presumably to be the Republican candidate to be speaker of the house) there will be some interesting things to watch for.

Who will run the show? Will Jayson Mumpower be back to run it even though he is no longer an elected rep? Will Casada move up from his formerly number two position or will there be another person to run the show?

Will Kent Williams show up for Beth Harwell? He has said he supports her. I am not sure if that was the kind of support she wanted but she has it.

Will Kent show up to a vote?

Can he even vote? He is not a member of the party but he was never kicked out of the Republican caucus (even though many of us tried). He could try and make a stink and say he should still be able to vote since he was not officially kicked out of the caucus and this is a caucus election.

If it is expected to be close this could be a bone of contention but a public squabble could hurt Beth more then his one vote could help.

One precursor will be to watch and see if it gets rough and tumble in the speech each candidate gives after nominated. If it is close the long knives may come out, but if it is all but decided then expect kind words as both the players know they will have to, and will want to, work together in the future.

Who ever the non winner (I know totally PC phrase) is, will they try and drop down a position, run for a different slot and still help the cause or will it be an all or nothing sort of run.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Chip and Nancy sitting in a tree......

Its official, The crazies have taken over (Kept control?) of the Democrat party. Nancy Pelosi has won re election as leader of the US house Democrats.

A conservative friend and I were talking just before the Pelosi vote. We were both laughing at the Democrats because we knew they were going to re elect her by wide margins. The Heath Shuler run was just a re election tool for for him and the few remaining "blue dogs" in the Democrat party. All along they knew he had no chance of winning but now they can say "I didn't vote for her" at least until the speaker vote.

The good/bad thing is he really sort of threw the rest of the Democrat party under the bus. By Pelosi winning so big it shows the Democrats in Washington really like her style and results as leader. If he had not run, they could have gone with "We had no other choice." but now it's even more obvious. The Dems like what she stands for. She will remain the "boogie man" of the Democrat party for all Republicans to raise money and run against.

Of course Republicans love it.

Almost as good is the impending Chip Forester election. His results were a disaster. He does not know how to run a campaign or a party. He destroyed the Tennessee Democrats so bad no one else credible even wants the job any more. It is too monumental a task with no realistic hope for immediate recovery.

The line to bang your head against the wall is short.

Even in the Democrat party.

I can only think of one person who might have had the ability a few months ago to take over the Dems in Tennessee and that would have been Lincoln Davis, but he is tarnished goods now. He was too dirty in his last campaign and people could say he wants to bring his Washington ways to Tennessee. I doubt he will run.

Quote of the day (Hypocrisy edition)

"A pregnant woman and her unborn child are one of the most vulnerable segments of our society. If we cannot help them, then we are doomed to an uncompromising agenda of hate."

Chip Forrester, Chairman
Tennessee Democratic Party

Sunday, November 14, 2010

"Good for thee, but not for me"

Dan Andrews drops the bomb on the Knox News Sentinel and calls them out for their own case of nepotism/cronyism while at the same time the KNS is calling out Jimmy Duncan III for his expanding his office with political friends.

The KNS does receive governmental tax breaks and was built on land taken by the city with eminent domain.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Rumor mill

Rumor has it that former state rep. Joe McCord who has been lobbying for Beth Harwell to become speaker of the house over Glen Casada (with the expectation that Joe would in turn replace Bernie Durahm under Beth Harwell) is now expecting a position within the Haslam administration.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rats, bunnies and birth certificates

Some times I think I am just a little ahead of the curve.

While the choice of terminology was not very good, Curry Todd is starting to take notice of the problem created by illegal aliens having children in America and the cost to our state. It is an issue with a pretty good partial solution out there that I broached on this blog and in the legislature back in 2008.

It all comes down to the vague 14th amendment and what states can do about it. Possibly Tennessee is about ready to step up to the plate and start talking solutions.

In brief, the state is not required to issue birth certificates at all, so stop issuing state birth certificates to children of illegal aliens.

Planned Parenthood to teach Knoxville sex ed?

I have been hearing talk that Planned parenthood has been certified to teach sex education classes in Knoxville schools.

This could work out about as well as it did in Nashville where another private advocacy group (Nashville cares) was teaching the sex ed classes.

ACLU continues support for felons

The ACLU has asked for a federal appeal to have the voting rights of felons restored without their having to pay restitution for their crimes or having to be current on their child support (An amendment I added to a bill a few years ago).

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I just noticed I passed my 3000th blog post when I posted the video of "When you wish upon a star".

How appropriate.

Now back to your regularly scheduled misspellings.

The new Carter County fish pond

With tough budget cuts ahead and the shift in power structure I hear there has been some scaling back of the multi million dollar Carter County Fish Hatchery project.

Here is the latest rendition of the expected project.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Quotes of the day

"We confide in our strength, without boasting of it; we respect that of others, without fearing it."

~Thomas Jefferson

"Sometimes the greatest respect is earned by the way you respond when your opponent has outplayed you."

~Dan Green

Monday, November 08, 2010

Stuck in my head

Now may it be stuck in yours.

New moniker?

OK, so I am now a senator. I thought it was senator elect but have been informed that I officially became a senator at midnight election night. It has been brought up to me that I should change my on line moniker since I am no longer a representative.

I know it will be tough for some of you but CLEAN suggestions are welcome.

A few thrown out so far: Rep Emeritus, Ex-Rep, Bad Rep, The Sen,

Hitler hears about GOP victories

Friday, November 05, 2010

The games we play

Now the races begin. I was in Nashville yesterday. Some interesting talk was going around.

In the senate there is one race so far Jim Tracy v. Bo Watson.

I talked to the staffer for former senator Jackson and asked what he knew about the new incoming senator. He said he was a TEA party guy (All right!) a English lit prof at the college and beyond that not much was known about him. He said Jackson was off on a hunting trip the week before the election and came home to watch the results roll in. They did, but they were NOT what he expected.

In the house all the talk is Casada and Harwell. Beth looked like a possible front runner when Repubs were only supposed to get 53 or 54 seats. 64 is an entirely different ball game. Casada is clearly the front runner now. Some people think Beth is just trying to position for number 2 as pro tem but others are positioning for that spot now.

Kent Williams coming out for her probably didn't help her much. Kent is expected to get the smallest, darkest, dampest closet, in the basement of the parking garage in the Rachel Jackson building for an office. He might get a desk, but it is still in question.

A split ticket run for Harwell is not likely. Harwell can do the math and the votes are not there. Plus, if she wants to run for congress after redistricting she will need to have party support. She could kiss it goodbye with a Williams type move.

I suspect the top spot will all be sorted out by the middle of next week after noses are counted over the weekend.

On the Dem side there is talk of a youth movement. The strain of raising funds in a down year and then still getting their tails handed to them has some of the Dem leadership frustrated and looking for greener pastures.

The black caucus will probably control more of the Democrat agenda now that they are almost 50% of their remaining members. Word is they think the party needs to shift more to the left. I know, shocking. Their logic is that the majority of Democrats who got beat were more "Moderate" and the liberal Democrats held on.

Some people never learn.

The Dems I talked to were down. Way down. Some talk is going around that there may be a few party changes but I don't hold out a lot of hope for that.

Got a minute? I've had this little problem with my computer

Bill Gates was up at the capitol yesterday talking about his initiative for education with Haslam, Ramsey and some others. He has some good ideas for education. Just keep that income tax talk in Washington.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Boy, was I gassed.

TN Reports was in Knoxville election night. They got some video of me responding to questions as results were rolling in. I was pretty tired at that point. I had been up for about 48 hours doing campaign stuff. TN Reports is becoming a real media force as far as I am concerned. They ask real questions about issues and put the video on line for all to see.

I like it.

We had a huge party on the 6th floor later in the night. My mom said I have the ultimate "rogues gallery" of supporters and friends. Sort of like the senate District, a wide spectrum of different kinds of people and ideas. I think a great time was had by all.

It was a lot of fun.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Master prognosticator

I wish he was into sports more because I would start betting with Frank Niceley and crew more. Two years ago Frank said republicans were going to get to get to 50. I thought he was crazy.

He was right.

This year Frank said Republicans were going to get to 60. possibly more. I laughed.

At first glance

I thought when got into politics it wouldn't last. I kept reading about how everything I agreed with made me one of those "Minority of extremists". I have started to realize we aren't the "minority of extremists". Those who hate us are.

The left must be starting to feel like Vizzini in the movie "Princess Bride".

They keep using the word "Inconceivable!" in regards to our winning.

Well Like the dread pirate Roberts (Who wore a mask to some fame and fortune) we have bested that giant on the hill. We have beaten those who would cut us to ribbons and outsmarted those who would think they are the smartest people in the room.

"Inconceivable?" It keeps happening with such regularity that I am starting to think they don't know what that word means anymore!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Time to get after it

Today is the big day. Please go vote (preferably for me) Thank you.

Monday, November 01, 2010

If elected can not serve.

Some questions are popping up about some candidates for office and their full time job.

My opponent has always bragged on how he works for ORNL (Oak Ridge National Laboratory) it is prominently on his web site where he says...

"Randy works as a Program Manager and Business Developer for Oak Ridge National Laboratory, where he has worked for 21 years."

Just curious. even if he were elected, how could he serve in office without it being a violation of the hatch act?

The same question come up on firefighters who serve in the legislature. They have been receiving federal funds from homeland security. Isn't that a violation also?

Firefighter Rep. Mike Turner and Rep. Gary Moore's race could be effected.

If you are so inclined

I am looking for a few volunteers to stand at polling locations in Knoxville and hold a sign. No hard sell, just hold a sign, smile and offer information if asked.

Even a few hours would be appreciated. If you are interested please shoot me an e mail or comment with your name, phone number or e mail, and available times and I will call or e mail you today.

I will not post your name or info on this post. My e mail is stacey@votestacey.com

Thank you,