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Friday, January 07, 2011

3 years???

Teacher who had secret, inappropriate contact with a student will lose his license for 3 years

3 years and he is back teaching children? Come on!

Teachers unions. Fighting for the lowest common denominator.


  1. Unfortunately for the children of Tennessee you don't know anything about education except your hate for teachers and their right to due process. You want teachers to lose their due process rights and for administrators to be able to fire a teacher just because they don't like them or have a 'friend' that needs a job, or a nephew or niece just graduating that needs a job so they fire someone to give their family member a job! Think it won't happen? That is one of the facts you ignore! Educate yourself on exactly what teacher "unions" actually do before you spout your venom Senator!

  2. Senator, no where in that story does it say teacher unions had anything to do with the revocation of that teachers license for three years. You ignored the following quote from an NEA ( National Education Association) spokeswoman, "By and large, educators are good people with the best interests of students at heart; those that aren't shouldn't be in our schools," NEA representative Stacey Grissom wrote in an e-mail. Neither the NEA or the TEA want teachers like the ones you so often cite teaching our students. The problem Senator is not with TEA but with lazy administrators who don't want to document incidents. All we ask is that teachers be treated with the same respect and given the same due process as the workers at ALCOA and TVA. Is that too much to ask Senator?


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