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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Good for the goose

I have been wanting to do a post on this for a while. The big losers of the political wars may be the unions. For years the state has limited corporations and their donations. The fed court overturned the federal ban. The Republican legislature did it for the state on US corps.

Now the shoe is on the other foot. The unions could be in for a loooong uphill fight. Many Republican legislators have little love lost for the unions. Specifically the TEA and the SEIU should get ready. It is their turn in the ....barrel of trouble.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars was spent in exclusive attempts to beat Republican legislators. When a point of this was made to the TEA during the election cycle, the union countered by donating to a few Republicans. Of course those Republicans were not in contested races.

Expect legislation to remove the automatic payroll deduction for state employee unions that are politically active. Collective bargaining with the unions could bight the dust. I intend to bring legislation based on a court opinion that unions can be made to get approval to spend political activity funds on a case by case (Race by race) and member by member basis. Other union dreams such as tenure could go away. Also possibly in the works would be a tax on unions similar to the tax put on many businesses. Say $100 per member with the proceeds going to shore up the unemployment trust fund or for "Economic development".


  1. Protection put in place that about makes it impossible to fire teachers after a limited trial period.

    The Sen.

  2. Untrue. Tenure only guarantees due process. It does NOT guarantee a job for life nor does it make "it impossible to fire teachers". It does require administrators to provide documentation of allegations and complaints and there are procedures in place for dismissing teachers. I know of teachers that have been dismissed Senator and they needed to be dismissed. I will not defend teachers that do not belong in classrooms with children but shouldn't they be afforded the same opportunity for due process as anyone accused of wrong doing? Isn't that one of the basic principles of our democracy, the right to face our accusers and defend ourselves? Isn't freedom, and due process is part of freedom, what we republicans are supposed to defend to the death?

  3. We have @ 57,000 teachers in Tennessee. Please tell me how many bad teachers made it through that entire process and actually lost their jobs. If it was more then a hand full that would be about it and I would bet most of those about raped a child.

    The business and work community is not a democracy. It is closer to a dictatorship and Tennessee is a "Right to work state". That means about any other regular person can be fired at about any time for about any reason outside of civil rights violations. Not so for teacher with tenure. A bad one is covered in about unlimited chances, bureaucracy and red tape.

  4. Stacey, I appreciate your optimism, but I just don't see a major change happening. Education is still 45% of state budget. Taking the Race to the Trough money now makes TN K-12 subject to the Common Core State Standards to keep the federal dough coming. NEA/TEA endorse the Common Core. Pushed by Bill Gates, Bill Frist, Arne Duncan. Too much money involved and too many favors to return and no "solidarity" of a political party on either side. The labor union isn't going anywhere. This is just like the Social(ist) Security reform we have been promised since W campaigned in 2000, 2004 and McAmnesty in 2008. A few appeals to fear (killing the children with ignorance) and it will be dead. If folks are serious about educating their children, they are going to have to do it themselves and quit waiting on the government to do it "better".

  5. If your focus is on banning the unions from education and not an attack on teachers as you have said then you should consider the TSBA. I think the legislation should extend to ban the schools and the legislature from recognizing the TSBA. This is from the TSBA website:

    "The Tennessee legislature in 1953 officially recognized TSBA as “the organization and representative agency of the members of schools boards of Tennessee” and authorized TSBA to provide services through membership dues paid by school boards. All of our programs, meetings and services are designed to help school boards and their members to better serve the children in their school system.
    TSBA also provides school board members a collective voice in matters of legislation and public education concerns. Individually, school boards may find it financially impossible to employ their own specialists in such areas as legislation, school law, policies and community relations. But these and many other services are available through TSBA- a resource center that addresses the priorities of school board members."

    Sounds just like the services provided teachers by the Tennessee Education Association, huh?

    Do teachers deserve due process as other citizens enjoy or not? Please provide an example of a 'bad' teacher that was kept in the classroom by unlimited chances, bureaucracy, and red tape. Teachers during their first three years of service, when they are evaluated 9 times and beginning next year 12, can be non-renewed without any cause. This is not an attack on the TEA, it is an attack on teachers because the TEA IS teachers. The president of TEA is a classroom teacher from Sevier County. Where does the director of the TSBA teach?

  6. "The president of TEA is a classroom teacher from Sevier County."

    How about your executive director? Which Tennessee secondary school does he teach in?

    How about your army of paid lobbyists? Which county schools do they teach at?

  7. Please tell me how teachers are bad!

  8. I never said ALL teachers are bad but just like legislators, some are. The only difference is legislators come up for job renewal every few years.


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