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Sunday, January 30, 2011

If I chose not to choose have I made a choice?

"The Dean" calls the Gov. out for fence sitting.

"Ask him these days about most anything involving a modicum of controversy and his reply may boil down to something like this:

A) "That's an important issue that I'm really concerned about and we'll do something at some point, though I'm not ready to be specific just now." Examples include such things as budget cutting or education changes centered on charter schools and teacher tenure. And that's fair enough; you can't expect a governor to decide everything immediately.

B) "That's an important issue, but I am undecided and, maybe if I remain undecided, it will all be dealt with in legislative arguments and such so that I don't have to ever worry about it."...

...C) "I have a position on that, but it's no big deal. If the Legislature goes the other way I'll go along.""


  1. Wow! Going after the same party governor a bit? One one hand, I'm thinking that's not really a good way for you to make friends, Mr. Campfield.

    One the other, good for you for calling out our wishy washy governor. What next? You mentioning that the only reason he won was because of his deep pockets?!

  2. If you listen closely to Gov. Haslam he tells you. He renounced the ethanol program. I was impressed.

  3. It is not my story. Tom Humphrey wrote it.


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