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Friday, January 28, 2011

TEA went all Jeff Gallooly on Ron Ramsey first

Political payback AND education reform? When it all comes around and is for the greater good as well. Well, it's hard to call it a terrible thing.


  1. Finally you speak the truth. Nothing you propose is about education reform, it is about payback, vindictiveness. How does taking teachers rights away reform education?

    You can attack TEA and say you are not attacking teachers but TEA is made up of teachers. The President of TEA is a classroom teacher. Your attack IS against teachers and thats the truth!

  2. It is obvious you did not read the post. I said it was for the greater good, as in the greater good for education and school children. Not just the teachers union.

    How does allowing for more charter schools take rights from teachers rights?

    How does allowing counties to decide if they want to elect or appoint their local school superintendant take away teacher rights?

    How does saying no one should have job protections in place that are so great that it makes it all but impossible to remove bad employees take away reasonable teacher rights?

    How does saying a school system should be able to negotiate with who ever they want to (Even down to individual teachers) take away from a teachers rights?

    How does saying the state does not have to provide a dues collection services for unions take away a teachers rights?

  3. Senator, I have been a republican for over 40 years. During the past 4 decades or so I have defended the party against what I believed were false accusations regarding the party's positions on public education. When I was told republicans just want to turn public education over to private enterprise I told them that was not true. I said the republican party believed in the tradition of public education and the advances that have been made. I argued against the notion that we thought teachers were lazy, made too much money, and didn't do their job. The left said we just wanted to shut down the schools and ban the unions and fire all teachers so we can impose our beliefs on students. Listening to you and Senator Ramsey is making it very difficult to refute those notions! As to your points they are incomplete.

    I have no problem with charter schools. I believe we should build regional trade schools using lottery money to provide the kids who cannot make it in high school a place to learn a trade and earn their GED. Even Louisiana has regional trade schools! I think you would find more agreement than you might think if you would stop attacking teachers and the two things they hold most dear. Half of all new teachers leave the profession within 5 years and taking the rights you are talking about away will not help that grim statistic. About half of the teachers now are at or near retirement. Thats about 30K Senator, do you have 30K teachers ready to go? Under the circumstances you prescribe?

    DOn't care one way or another whether the director of schools is appointed or elected. Thats your province.

    You continue to fail to provide one single piece of evidence to support your claim that there are "job protections in place" that make it all but impossible to dismiss "bad employees". You are talking about tenure. That law has been on the books for decades both under democrat and republican administrations. It is only now that a group of republicans want to get rid of it as well as the EPNA because they are angry the TEA supported some democrats instead of them. What are "reasonable" protections? What is unreasonable about the law as written? The study you cite in another post did not say what you said it did. You said tenure, due process, stops administrators from dismissing bad teachers and you implied the study said only 1% were ever dismissed. Only if you believe ALL teachers are bad can your statement be true. Even so, 1% of all teachers would be about 650 per year, a considerable number. The study did not say tenure stopped dismissals or that unions stopped dismissals, it said administrators didn't gather the proper documentation or simply didn't want to. School boards hear the cases for dismissal and rule on them not the TEA. All TEA does is provide a representative to make sure the evidence is legitimate and the proper procedures are followed. Why do you want to take that away? What about inadequate principals? I know of several but they are protected by the school boards and directors. We need cooperation to improve education Senator not attacks born of vengeance.

    I don't know of any dues collected by the state. Local systems withhold many items from employee pay as a courtesy such as additional insurance, contributions to non-profits, and other voluntary deductions. Are you going to prohibit them also or just dues to TEA? Most thinking people would think that is discriminatory. What about the TSBA? They are an education union too that collects dues from member school boards and lobby too. Do you have a problem with them or are they alright because they support republicans?

    Do you think the directors of schools across this state want to negotiate with every individual teacher every year on contracts? The school board can't do it because they are part-time and have day jobs.


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