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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

True education reform

There is a move to finally pass some true education reform. I have always advocated major reforms to teacher tenure system. At best I thought changing it out with civil service protections would be a good compromise. Rumor is that what they are looking at is a system that would grant tenure on a renewable 5 year basis. every 5 years you would be back up for renew. No more lifetime contract.

The rumor of who Haslam has in mind for education cabinet member are squirreling. A few days ago the word was one was almost picked but some flags came up on deep background check.

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  1. Sounds like what the TSBA advocates. The TSBA is the organization whose director defrauded the TCRS out of over $270K and then took 4270K in taxpayer dollars collected from school boards to repay the TCRS. This same organization set up a shell company to pay the director while he was receiving TCRS funds. Look at the audit report on the TSBA before you jump at their proposals.
    Do you even know what 'tenure' is Senator? It is NOT a lifetime guarantee of a job. You can repeat that lie all you want but it is never going to be true! Give ONE example of a "lifetime contract"!


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