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Thursday, February 24, 2011

The answer is "Government does not create jobs"

Democrats want answers on the Republican job creation plan. Hate to let them down but the answer is government does not create private sector jobs. What they can do is balance the playing field, remove costs, red tape, barriers to start or grow, and possibly incentivize expansion or transfer of companies into our state.

The only jobs "created" by the state are government jobs and that sort of "Jobs creation" has nearly bankrupted our state and crippled our employers with taxes and regulation to keep afloat.

Cutting government growth and spending will allow our employers to survive and grow. Reducing regulation, taxes and employer adversaries will allow employers to adapt and compete with shifting needs of the consumer.

We are moving in that direction but 150 years of backwards thinking can not be overturned in 4 weeks. sorry.

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  1. Keep telling it like it is and go cut spending! (and regulations and red tape and the bureacracy and . . . )


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