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Saturday, February 26, 2011

The bulls, the bees and the trees.

As you may have read, we passed legislation to protect farmers from people who get inside cages with bulls. Of course the farmers have to put up a sign first telling people not to do it or it is at their own risk. Now, I hear there is legislation to protect bee farmers from being sued if someone get stung by a bee. I am sure a sign is to follow.

Can't we just get together and combine it all into one bill saying if you get hurt by a non human entity it is no ones fault? What is next? Tree farmers having to put up a sign on every tree saying they are not responsible if you are hit by a falling stick or pine cone?

I have seen this sort of thing in full action up north in NY. There is a sign on about every tree along roads for miles. I am not kidding. Property owners are so sue scared they are required to have signs about every 15 feet to tell people to stay off their land or they could be liable.

We don't need to go down that road.

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  1. We already have those laws. Have you read up on the requirement to hang signs/paint trees to warn off hunters? Why have it to where you have to post your own land vs hunter must have written permission. Place the burden on the hunter not the land owner.

    From TWRA pdf: http://www.tn.gov/twra/pdfs/permission.pdf

    How do I post my land under this law?
    It is crucial for landowners to follow the posting requirements closely. Land can be properly posted in one of the following two manners:
    a. Approved signs must be placed along the property boundary at intervals no greater than 100 yards and at all major entrances.
    b. Approved signs must be visible at all major points of ingress and must be accompanied by fluorescent visual markings which markings must also be placed at fifty-yard (50 yd) intervals around the perimeter of the lands being posted. Such fluorescent visual markings must be at least one inch (1”) wide and four inches (4”) long. The division of forestry, in cooperation with the department of agriculture and the wildlife resources agency, shall determine a unique universal paint color or colors, including the color blue, to be used for these property boundary markings.
    The landowner must issue written, not verbal, permission slips to everyone given the right to hunt on his or her land.


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