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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Good question

George Korda drops the big question on planned parenthood teaching sex education in state schools

If the American tobacco company was coming into the schools to teach a segment on proper lung health what would the left say?


  1. George Korda had Superintendent Macintyre on his Sunday show. They discussed this issue and the Superintendent not one time blamed the teachers union for making them allow Planned Parenthood into Hardin Valley. He cited state curriculum requirements as well as school board policy, neither of which are written by TEA! Another false statement by the Senator shot down.

  2. UMMMMM. Again, where did I say TEA wrote it? Never happened.

    You keep making false statements as if it helps your case. It does not. You just drop what little credibility you have. With you questionable claims and delusional mental state I am starting to question your claims of being a teacher. If you are I pity your students.


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