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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Knox co. pitches a one hitter for homeschoolers

After the TSSAA decision, Knox County moves in the right direction

From the article...

Homeschool proponents are cautiously optimistic about the change. Some public school officials locally and statewide are not as enthusiastic, however.

"If you decide you're not going to be in public schools, you're giving up the extracurricular activities associated with public schools as well," said Thomas Deakins, a Knox County school board member.

The board this week passed on an 8-1 vote the first reading of a policy that would allow homeschoolers' participation in the district's sports. Deakins, who cast the dissenting vote, said a concern was that homeschooled students may not have the same bonds as students who have been together in school all day.

The policy needs a second reading to be effective.

Forbidding homeschooled students to participate in any aspect of the school system because they opt out of one "makes no more sense than saying everybody who chooses to drive their own car should be forbidden to use public buses ever again because you're choosing to do part of the work yourself," said Laurie Leslie, a member of the Blount County Home Education Association.

She noted that homeschool families pay taxes to support public education. She added that the students who want to play sports still have to try out.

"If they're good, it's going to benefit the team, so it's a win-win," Leslie said.

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  1. I would love to know of some good athletic homeschoolers that I could get on my teams.


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