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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pill mills

This issue has flown under the radar for a few years but now is finally getting a good look. I was going to draft up some legislation this year but Sen. McNalley had already started working on some legislation and with his history as a pharmacist I figured he would be better running with that ball.

The problem is the biggest offender is Florida. Bus trips go to the lightly regulated Florida pill mills on a regular basis and that is tough to regulate from Tennessee.


  1. There is a free real time biometric system being offered to pharmacys in Florida that catches fake ID and never uses patient personal information thereby making it the most HIPAA advanced system ever. The free system is offered by biotech medical software at University of Central Florida BioScriptRx com This system doesn't need new laws or cost the tax payers a penny. BioScriptRx only uses the finger scan for patient ID. That finger can only go to one doctor and it checks to see if that finger has been to another doctor. Until we stop fake ID and will only have a bandaid and people will die.

  2. Sorry Camp,

    I have to disagree. We should create something similar to a methadone treatment center for these junkies. Make the Oxy/Soma/Lortab pill-heads seek treatment in our state by giving them easier access to pills coupled with some sort of treatment. Pain pill addicts can be functional junkies. What makes them unemployable is their constant search for a doctor or dealer willing to provide dope. Accept only cash, make the centers self funding and register the users in a state database so employers are aware. Lets stop losing tax dollars to Florida.

  3. I have to say that seems like a route I would take LauraK. The money means more to the state. It would surely help out in the long run. Ultimately, it is up to the addict to decide to recover from the sickness, and throwing them in jail is not very favorable considering most of them are non violent offenders and takes money to house them, feed them, etc... Which is why the drugs need to be available for them, not to enable them, but to keep the addicts from attempting and/or turning to crime. Just monitor the drugs.

  4. you can work beside someone on pill and someone that aint on pills and i would much rather have someone on pills work with me because they will out work you any day of the week...I know what im talking about..i work with a few that take pills and you cant keep up after they take there meds...trust me i know..alot of peolpe know that...they work so much better when they have the pills


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