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Friday, February 25, 2011

Results different (But really the same)

Another study has come out on pre K. This one claims to be different then the ones done in the past by the governor who set up the program. The past studies said that there was no noticeable difference in children after the second grade between kids who had pre k and those who did not.

This study is different.....or not. It claims wonderful results in children in grades K, one and two. After that no mention of results are made.

And one pass the buck comment by the person in charge of the study should send flags.

"The idea that the disadvantages these children have can be 'cured' by one year in pre-K and they will forever after do as well as their more advantaged peers is questionable. Their academic progress as they move forward will depend in large part to the experiences they have in kindergarten, first grade, and so on..."

The funds are for this one program that was sold as able to get lasting results. If it does not, then possibly those funds should be re allocated to programs that will work.


  1. Interesting that you now see the pre-emptive statements being made about pre-k effectiveness isn't supposed to last and declaring previous studies (by the state on their own system) "flawed". Now, we just ignore data that doesn't agree with our presupposition. Keep moving those goalposts. Go to any piano recital. Compare beginner students to 2nd year. If they are all young children, there will be a big difference - which is essentially what these studies try to show as being effective. Of course they are, they had an extra year of practice (100% more to be exact and play their percentage improvement game).

    You know, kindergarten was sold in the same manner. It was supposed to prepare you to enter school in the 1st grade with a head start, etc., etc., started out as 1/2 days or 4 days a week. I guess it doesn't work, so we now back up a couple of years to pre-K to get them ready for kindergarten.

    What are we going to do "for the children" to give them a good jump on those pre-K kids? Is there a state neo-natal education plan?


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