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Monday, February 28, 2011

TEA and ACLU slam critical thinking

The TEA and the ACLU slam a bill By Rep Bill Dunn that allows for critical thinking on disputed science theories in our schools.

Got to love the open minded liberals. Sounds like a winner to me.


  1. Evolution is a religion as there is no science or fossil record to back it up. I thought the ACLU was against school religion, yet they sue to the teaching of atheism.

  2. By whom is evolution disputed? What reputable scientist disputes evolution?

  3. Mr. Campfield,
    Please tell us the "weaknesses" in evolutionary theory. Don't go to a creationist site to help, remember this isn't about religion, right Mr. Dunn? This bill has been tried all over the country and only one state as passed it. We do not need to be the second. If we are, will the conservative groups and the Christian organizations supporting this bill pay for the multimillion dollar lawsuit? Of course not. We will pay for it and the creationists, as always, will lose in court. This bill is not good for Tennessee.

  4. This is why people laugh at Tennessee :(


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