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Monday, February 21, 2011

You can't clean a barn by standing on a pile of crap

There have been about 2k bills filed for this year. About 10% less then we had at this time 2 years ago. All the critics on the left are jumping up and down "Look! Look! That is more government! That is more government!" Well, As usual, they know so much that just isn't so.

While a chunk of the bills being run are by Democrats I will admit that a large chunk of proposed legislation is by Republicans.

Does it all mean more government? Not necessarily.

A good final evaluation might be to see how much the cost of state government grows (or shrinks) in relation to the Copeland cap at the end of the year, but for right now people need to remember to remove legislation you need to pass legislation removing it from the code. That is a bill. To pass a tax cut, that is a bill. To punish criminals, that is a bill. To allow more freedom where it is currently restricted, that is a bill. To reduce regulation, that is a bill. To cut government, that is a bill. To limit future government expansion, that is a bill. Even legislation to limit the number of bills submitted, that would take a bill.

The difference is, the legislation we pass hopefully will do those things and take government in a new direction. From an expansion mode to a contraction mode. From sloppy over regulation and taxation that restricts freedom, to an efficient government model of freedom that supports personal responsibility with reasonable, clear regulation and punishment for criminal activity.

While the left would love for us to leave the government barn as they have filled it for the last 150+ years, the voters have said enough of that. It is time for someone to start shoveling.

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  1. I bet passing a bill that would ban "Shariah" law is going to be good for the state, as well? I hope you will vote against this bill when it comes up. If someone is breaking a law, arrest them. No need to make a bill banning "Shariah" law. If people are breaking the rules of the state, arrest them. It's that plain and simple.


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