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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Almost perfect

The latest census numbers have come out for the senate districts.

Some districts had huge increases in population. Republican Jack Johnsons district in particular was over 62,000 people above the new average of 192,306 while some districts shrunk. Democrat Ophelia Fords district was 46,000 people below the new average.

If my quick math is correct, on average, Democrat districts lost population averaging -17,477 people per senate district.

While Republican districts grew by an average population of +8,248 people per district.

State wide, 13 Democrat districts were under representing 227,204 people and the 20 Republican districts were over representing 164,961 people.

With a flexibility of 5% from the new average, some Republican districts could drop almost 40% of their current districts into Democrat districts and some Democrat districts could grow by 30% or more.

My own district was the population closest to perfect state wide. Only 70 people over the new average. 192,376 of the smartest people anywhere.

I will try to get the house numbers later.


  1. Democrat Ofelia Fords district? Did you mean Ophelia Ford's district?

  2. Yeah, you know, the one where the dead people voted.

  3. I think the terms over-represented and under-represented are backwards. The districts that have a shortfall of residents are over represented. The Districts with a surplus of residents are under represented.

    This means that as a whole republican districts are under represented.

  4. I guess it could go either way. I was looking at it from the rep./Senator point of view. In that way they were doing more then should be required. You possibly from the citizen point of view where it would be the other way around.


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