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Thursday, March 03, 2011

As if it mattered

The Democrats are upset how republicans are taking on the government employees unions and their mandate for forced negotiations. They are upset the governor and Republicans are not catering to them as they have in the past.

"Any time you have a bill you'd like to get as many folks voting for it to build that consensus as you can," Haslam said. "But in the end, the main thing that's important to us is to get it passed."

Haslam's bill to extend by two years the probationary period before teachers can get tenure -- and to create a mechanism for teachers to lose that status if they perform poorly -- was advanced to a full Senate vote earlier Wednesday on a 6-3 vote by the Senate Education Committee. Each of the panel's Democrats voted against the measure.

Sen. Eric Stewart, D-Belvidere, said Haslam's proposals are losing support from Democrats because of other Republicans' efforts to strip teachers' collective bargaining rights with local school districts. Haslam has taken a neutral stance on that proposal, but Stewart said the measure has cast doubt on all GOP education bills....

...Republican Senate Speaker Ron Ramsey of Blountville said he was not surprised to see the party-line vote on Haslam's tenure bill, citing the traditionally close relationship between Democrats and the state's largest teacher's union, the Tennessee Education Association.

"It seems to me that the Democrats are bought and paid for by the unions, and they fight even the most commonsense reforms in education," he said.

The talk in the legislature was all about how Ramsey Later went on Ralph Brystal and blistered them some more calling them "Asinine" for some of the false rumors being put out by the TEA flacks. Among other false stories spread...

-Republicans intend to remove sick day.

-Republicans will abolish all unions.

-Republicans are going to raid the retirement funds of teachers.

-Unions will no longer be allowed to represent their members under any circumstances.

-Republicans are going to end the teacher retirement fund all together.

-Republicans are going to take all teacher retirements and give teachers nothing for past service.

-Republicans are going to stop payments for sick days that have been saved.

All false. Now that Republicans are in control, it just doesn't matter.

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  1. It ust doesn't matter. THe unions will always give their money and support to Democrats. But it does matter. If the REpublican vote for the freedom and liberties and property rights of everyday Tennesseans, then the Republicans wioll have our support. Lead the way! It does matter. We love freedom! Now go and defend our liberties in the state house!


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