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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Hiding behind the shield

"You are hurting education/children/teachers with this legislation"

The unions have been using this old saw like a club in the media to try to stop the reforms Tennessee is looking at for making our state efficient and get good teaching results.

The problem is when the unions make their claims they don't realize half their own members argue against their talking points. When attacking some of our bills they say how the bills have "nothing to do with changing education" and that they are "pure politics" so we shouldn't run them.

While an argument can be made they are wrong about the end result, lets go with their argument and say they are right. If they agree it has nothing to do with education then step out from behind the shield of "the children and their education" and talk about why the bill is bad.

Is part of it political? Possibly....OK, probably. But the union is political. When you step into the political arena and get involved in political fights in an all but purely partisan basis, guess what? YOU ARE POLITICAL! You cant later run around and hide behind the shield of the children saying you aren't political so no one else should be. That dog won't hunt.

If the unions can make a good current argument as to why they are still valid and need the government to prop them up then fine, make the argument but the unions need to quit the tactic of hiding behind the shield of the children when the fight does not go their way. It is cowardly.

Will our reforms demoralize and possibly bounce out bad, lazy teachers who are unwilling to improve themselves or their skills? I sure hope so and if that is all the unions are left fighting against then I can see little current reason for their existence. I doubt many people out in the real world will either.

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