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Thursday, March 24, 2011

House numbers

The census numbers for the house districts show a similar story to the senate numbers. The Republicans were over representing Tennessee house districts state wide with a total 225,138 people over the number of people that should be in their districts. That works out to 3,518 people per Republican house district over the average.

The Democrats were under representing the state to the tune of a negative 218,453 total people that should be in Democrat districts state wide, with an average of -6,425 people under the average per district.

With numbers like that Republicans on average will probably drop a minimum of 5% (And possibly up to 10% or more) of their districts into Democrat districts. Democrats on average will have to add 10% (up to 15%) to their district populations before the next election.

When we do things fair and legal (Key words) that kind of population shift can be huge in election results.

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  1. Looks like Davidson County lines will require some adjusting to make the districts fair and legal.


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