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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'm with Naifeh?

This is scary. Jimmy Naifeh said he thinks there should be a cap on the sales tax at 9.75%.

Yep, I agree.

The problem is, he is trying to tag it on to the constitutional amendment to ban the state income tax.

Some people think he is not sincere in his desire to actually pass the idea but is more trying to kill the current moving resolution (they call it a poison pill amendment).

I am going to give Jimmy Naifeh the benefit of the doubt. In fact, I am ready to go even farther. I am ready to work with him to pass it as its own stand alone amendment to our state constitution this year. I will happily sponsor it in the senate, put it forward, vote for it and actively encourage others to follow suit.

If Jimmy is truly serious about it I will work with him to make it happen this year. I could probably have it drafted and ready for introduction next week. Will Jimmy do the same for the idea as its own resolution or is it all a show to keep an income tax alive?


  1. Why waste time and money having a second constitutional amendment, when we've already got one related to taxes? That's just more money going to those evil newspapers for public notice.

  2. Sean, you know the purpose of Naifeh's amendment is to kill the legislation since the Senate has already passed its version. Naifeh simply found a way to be pro-income tax while pretending to be against higher taxes. The truth is, your side wants to raise taxes, you just don't want people to THINK you want to raise taxes. And your side favors creation of a state income tax - the TN Democratic Party's state executive committee even passed a resolution endorsing creation of a state income tax, and has never retracted it.

    The TNDP is the pro-income tax party in Tennessee, and Jimmy Naifeh is the leader of the pro-income tax Democrats in the state legislature. I should add, there are very few pro-income tax Democrats in the legislature because, 1, there are very few Democrats at all, and, 2, voters have wiped out a number of pro-income tax Democrats over the past 10 years.

    Now, as for the content of Naifeh's amendment, I'm all for it. Ban the income tax explicitly so that it can not be shoe-horned into law via creative lawyering and a compliant liberal state Supreme Court. And cap the state sales tax, thus ending the ability of the Left to raise the prospect of ever-higher sales taxes in order to try to scare the people into accepting an income tax.

    Then, let's cap the annual growth of spending with something stronger than the Copeland Cap, and require surpluses above a certain percentage trigger automatic sales tax rate reductions. You know what would happen next? Tennessee's economic growth rate would rise, resulting in more jobs for Tennesseans and more revenue for state and local governments.

  3. Kudos and Dittos to Bill Hobbs. But can we cap the sales tax at 6%. Or, if we cap it at 9.75% can we state that only property and sales taxes may be collected in the state of TN? Democrats will always find a way to gather tax money. Just think of the privilege tax and phone bill tax and gas tax and ....


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