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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Now thats rich!

Jimmy Naifeh and Lois Deberry complain about Republicans being partisan and forcing union reform legislation through the committee (against the minority party complaints) even after the bill has been watered down to the point of insignificance.

Never saw that happen when Jimmy was in control.....Yea right.

When will Republicans realize that Democrats are not going to be happy no matter how much the legislation is watered down. Democrats are the ones who have no ability to compromise on union reforms. I challenge any reporter to ask what type of reforms Democrats are willing to accept on this piece of legislation.

I bet they say none.

They are the party of "NO!"

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  1. A couple of reminders for Boss Hogg and Nickels:

    HB887 "It's gone boys" and the imaginary voice vote and disregard for the rules.


    and then there's the "cut him off" action against Bill Dunn on SJR127.


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