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Friday, March 04, 2011

When you play with knives

Greg Johnson lays out how the NEA/TEA got itself involved in politics and is now reaping the whirlwind. PET could quickly rise as a non partisan union who looks out for its members for less cost (Its insurance is better and its cost is @ 1/4 what NEA/TEA is).

Last year, TEA chose - with concerted aforethought - to give almost 93 percent of its political contributions to Democrats. TEA fired the first political shot. Now TEA feigns shock when politics doesn't go its way.

When teachers choose to join TEA, they also choose the National Education Association. Since a portion of dues go to NEA, teachers give tacit, if not implicit, approval to the political agenda of NEA. And what a political agenda it is.

In 2010, NEA bragged on its website, "The Association has increased its independent (political) expenditure campaign from $15 million to $17 million." NEA used some of those dollars to attack Republicans.

Tennessee teachers helped NEA fund blatantly noneducational purposes. IRS Form 990 for 2008 (the latest year available) shows NEA gave $300,000 to Health care for America Now, an advocacy group promoting Obamacare. NEA also gave $25,000 to the Democratic Leadership Council.

The NAACP received $50,000 from NEA while the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force got $15,000. NEA gave money to the Center for American Progress, Campaign for America's Future and the Economic Policy Institute, left-wing think tanks all. NEA gave $90,000 to the National Public Pension Coalition, an outfit founded to protect public employee pensions.


  1. The appeal to fear for liability insurance angle used by the union to lure teachers into paying dues is the reason I am most often given by teachers explaining why they are part of a union they disagree with so much. The TEA/NEA isn't their only option for insurance - but many teachers do not know this. NEA will not permit them to join just their local, or just their state unions, but force them to fund their national operations as well (1 union for the price of 3!). Sure, they will allow you to elect a local "president", but that is not even the top of your state union food chain - because they are appointed from NEA.

    When the forced extraction of dues from their checks (at taxpayer's expense by the way - why are we paying to do TEA/NEA's collections for them? Does this have anything to do with education?) ends, will those dissatisfied teachers be willing to write the checks to fund TEA/NEA themselves?

    Apparently, their paid lobbyists don't think so.

  2. By the way, if they meet their goal of 10,000 or 20% of teachers (or various other union hirelings) for their protest Saturday, I hope they don't make Tennessee teachers look as bad as this one from Wisconsin did:


    At least try to make them look like they are professionals, have 5-year degrees, masters-plus, etc.

  3. I joined PET because insurance is better and much cheaper. I paid $149 for mine. I get $2,000,000 for liability insurance compared to $1,000,000 with the TEA. The TEA doesn't reimburse for criminal proceedings if not exonerated. PET does.

    I have also heard that you can find it cheaper through homeowners policies and such, but I have never looked that up before.


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