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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Didn't like it then.....

Don't like it now.

I often said I did not like it when Bredesen gave his top staff big pay raises as we were cutting jobs and services across the state. How could any administration, with a straight face, tell others that the time for everyone to tighten the belt is now and then go and give their top people pay increases? I thought it was hypocritical, bad policy and leadership.

To be fair, I must say I don't like it any better when a Republican governor does the same thing.


  1. It is sending the wrong message.

  2. Haslam has also given big pay raises to his staffers of all levels. Positions paying 30k or less are now 45k or higher for example. Commissioners have now received two pay raises since state employees received anything! Stand strong!

  3. It's outrageous that these bigwigs would get huge raises for positions that were filled for less just a few days before. I guess the Haslam campaign staff cashed in nicely with their new gigs too.

  4. We conservatives need to realize it is time to start a plan to get rid of this RINO....

  5. Some of us conservatives realized it before the election.

  6. It's amazing that Joe McCord makes almost as much as the commissioners.


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