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Monday, April 25, 2011

Rules for comments

I have not needed to re post my rules for comments in a while but some people think the inmates run the asylum. Not going to happen. Here they are again.

Rules for comments

It is my blog so I will put up or take down what ever I want. I do this for my entertainment. Not yours. If you don't like it don't read it.

I don't mind dissenting opinion but keep it clean, respectful and on topic.

If all you have is insults, or you like to go overboard, save it and put them on your blog because they won't go up here.

If you can not control yourself I will ban you.

Constructive criticism is welcome on bills or issues I am talking about but see above.

If you want it to be off the record let me know and I wont put it up. Better yet, just E mail me.

If you want to crack on my spelling, grammar or other things that I am sure drives the seventh grade English teacher in you crazy, go ahead, I am not offended and some times I appreciate it. I may correct my errors, or not, but if that is all you got, odds are it won't go up.



  1. I mean, at least you recognize that your grammar is atrocious, right? That's a good start.

  2. Oh mercy Stacey, you're killin' me. I laughed so hard when I read this. When i went to this address I thought it would be this websites general rules, not something you wrote. Then you have that dude up there and I laughed even harder. who do ya think this is, yep, it's me again. (on the "stone") HAHA.


Here are the rules for comments. Know them. Live them.