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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tennessee's new state song

You may think I am kidding but there is a move to make a song by "Roy D. Mercer" one of the states 8 official state songs.

IF you are not familiar with "Roy D. Mercer" He was a semi well known crank caller who would call random people, make threats of "I am going to whip your @$$!" record it and put it out for the public to hear.

Last year we stopped a bill by one of our minority members (I think it was Johnny Shaw) from making a song that one of his constituents made into a state song because it never charted. Now, the same case is here for a Republican member. The bill passed state and local committee and is now set to go to the full senate floor.


  1. Hello Mr. Campfield,

    I believe you are a good person, or the people would not have elected you into the state Senate. However, I would not be a good person if I didn't try to contact you about your Don't Say Gay bill. I believe this bill and the philosophy behind it is harmful to the world. I know that rational individuals would never cause intentional harm to an entire group of people and their supporters. I'm not writing to try to convince you to change your mind or personal views. But as a state senator, I believe you have the obligation of creating and upholding an environment that is best for the people of your state. All of the people. I look forward to your repeal of the Don't Say Gay bill. Thank you.

  2. Dear Mr. Campfield,

    I suggest you take a grammar for adults class, or at least use a spell-checker (notice he uses "stoped" instead of "stopped"). Your sentence
    structure also needs some revising. And in second paragraph you state that Mr. Roy D. Mercer was a "Crank-Caller", I believe the word you are searching so hopelessly for is "Prank-Caller".

    Aside from all of that, you are a good representation of why I left the south in the first place. You are closed minded and arrogant in your views, a typical conservative. Mr. Roy D. Mercer embodies the easy going attitude of the south that I find spirited and jovial, the kind of spirit that is associated with the south's identity and culture, of which you seem to be trying your "darndest" to obliterate.

    Good day,


  3. John Bean was a guy who, among other things, made some prank calls and recorded them. He shared this tomfoolery with his friends, who who then shared it with others after Bean died. The tapes are pretty funny, so people made copies of copies of copies and shared them the world over. One friend of mine first heard the recordings while serving on an aircraft carrier during the first Gulf War. Anyway, one of Bean's aliases on the tapes was LeRoy Mercer.

    "Roy D. Mercer" is a blatant and significantly less funny copy of Bean's characters, done by some radio jocks somewhere. They do it for money, and sell CD's at Wal Mart.

    Of course, none of that has anything to do with Bean's song, which should be judged on its own for what it is. Whether or not it "charted" shouldn't mean much. A song is a song. If it's a good song, and if it does the state credit, that should be the criteria.

  4. Mr. Campfield-

    You are way off about Mr. Bean and his song! Get a clue!

  5. Once again you show your ignorance. You have done no research on Bean or his song. I really don't understand how you keep getting elected, you have embarrassed Knoxville in so many ways.


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