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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Toe to toe with Alan Colmbs


  1. Bold face lie. There are filters on computers, just go to Smyrna High. Maybe you need to figure out what they are using.

  2. Senator, what's wrong with letting teachers acknowledge the existence of homosexuality and homosexual people, without going into the details of particular sex acts? It seems to me that your position is that only silence is "age-appropriate" until high school. You say you support tolerance and anti-bullying legislation, but how can kids be taught tolerance of homosexual people if their teachers can't say anything about them?

    Your position seems intellectually incoherent. Can you clarify, please?

  3. You are a brave man! :) Alan Colmes is one of the more obnoxious on the left side. I've tried to listen to his show on Sirius, and always end up wanting to reach through the radio and shake him.

  4. Sorry rags


  5. Senator, that link shows that the filters are still there: the point of the lawsuit was that mainstream information sites like HRC and PFLAG shouldn't be lumped in with porn sites. All that's happened is that the settings have been changed (appropriately, IMO).

    And would you care to answer my earlier questions, please? Thank you.

  6. "Access to online information about gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (GLBT) issues has been restored to dozens of Tennessee schools.

    The move comes just weeks after a school librarian, three high school students, and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed suit against two Tennessee school districts for unconstitutionally blocking student access to such sites.

    On Wednesday evening, Knox County Schools Superintendent Jim McIntyre released a statement saying that Education Networks of America (ENA) was no longer blocking the GLBT category on school computers. ENA provides the filtering software to 107 Tennessee school districts and, until now, its default setting blocked access to sites such as the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) and Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG)."

    We have passed anti bullying legislation. Save your social engineering for your time.

  7. You said:

    "Homosexuality is a complex issue. Some people are for it, some people are against it."

    What do you mean by saying you are "against homosexuality?"

  8. I remember listening to Colmes back in 1990-91. He was syndicated then and was on after Rush in Cookeville (as you might imagine, the local advertising during his show was non-existent). I would tune in for "Radio Grafitti" - rapid-fire one-liners from callers. He had so few callers that the exact same guy would be on every time to say "The Dallas Cowboys WILL win the superbowl".

    If Colmes knew squat about what is happening to education on the federal level with the Common Core State Standards, he would know what is being required in other states (especially the big hitters like CA, FL, TX) is absolutely relevant to TN, because we will all have to be "the same" now. Using his logic, if he isn't in TN, why is he bothering you?

    Thanks for standing up for parents and saying it is their responsibility, not the state's, to educate their children.

  9. Stacey Campfield, I commend you on your work to secure the integrity of a nation. I applaud your sometimes radical hiatuses to gain attention because, frankly, that is what it takes to stand out in the suit and tie investment we call a government. I know you have much opposition, evident in the latest News-Sentinel article. I do not oppose. CAMPFIELD FOR PRESIDENT! If you need help with the next campaign, give me a call. I'll check back.


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