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Friday, April 15, 2011

Who's in who's out in Dist 6

Sen. Jamie Woodson is out as of July 1 or when ever session is over (Think early June)

An interim Senator will be named by the Knox county commission that will last until an election can be held.

Blogging reporter/Photographer Dan Andrews is strongly considering a run for the position of interim senator.

An election date will be set by the governor. Word is they are trying to combine the city council election and the state senate race to save on election costs.

Names being thrown around now...

Rep. Bill Dunn. The man that could probably clear the field and run unopposed. Bill looked all but in but later decided not to go for it because it disturbed his sleep one night thinking about it.

Rep. Harry Brooks. The education numbers man has told others he is not interested. Some wonder if he is going to run for state house again next year or not.

Rep. Frank Nicely. He represents a chunk of the current area. While not in the district with the redistricting he may be in the district at the election. He could be a leader.

R. Larry Smith. Former Knox county Repub party chairman and county commissioner seems to be testing the water.

Mike Hammond. Knox county commission chairman and radio personality seems to be sniffing around. With his radio gig, some wonder if he can take the time off. Possibly he would only run for the interim position.

Sally Reid Absher. 6th district state executive committee woman. An out of nowhere election victory shows she could be a force with strong TEA party support.

More names may pop up its only day one. Please feel free to throw out hints, rumors or wishfully thinking in the comments section.

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