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Friday, May 20, 2011

"Don't teach gay" passes

After seven years of work my bill to limit what is taught as part of course work, handed out or made available to students at schools in grades k-8 shall be limited to information on natural human reproduction science.

Special thanks goes to Sen. Kerry Roberts on helping polish the language of the final product.

Now it is on to the house. Full speed ahead Mr. Sulu warp factor two!


  1. Since you went through so much trouble to prevent teachers for teaching something that as you say should be taught at the discretion of the parents, in the home, I hope you will do the same thing to keep creationism out of public schools as well. That should also be taught at home, by parents. right? Can you say hypocrisy?

  2. It saddens me that you are in a position of power, sir.

  3. What do you think of all of the students who have recently come out in protest of your bill?

  4. You do realize that this bill will FAIL in the House, don't you, Stace? Don't get too excited, Stace. This despicable piece of legislation will never make it to the classrooms of Tennessee.

  5. "Full speed ahead, Mr. Sulu"? You did see George Takei's hilarious response to your bill, didn't you, Senator?

  6. While I appreciate the tireless effort that you are putting into your job (which is a lot more than can be said about many candidates), I would like to point something out. This bill that you are passing is specifically restricting the ability of students and teachers to use a common usage, non-offensive word.
    Other words have been banned in the past. Specifically all cuss words. The reason for those being banned was the same for all our rules on etiquette: they make people feel uncomfortable. While these words have been successfully banned, they have been so for such a long time that it is engrained in western culture so deeply that nobody bothers apposing the ban. More recently, however, there have been other bannings in the public schools that have not gone unopposed. I believe that you will find that this ban on the word "gay" will be one of these opposed bills.
    On a note regarding your job as public representative, taking such strong positions might not be beneficial in that not all people of Tennessee will entirely appreciate such a bill. To quote a friend of mine: "I'm embarrassed to call this state home." EMBARRASSED is what she said, Mr. Campfield.
    From somebody who hates to see hard work go unappreciated and criticized, I have to say:
    Good luck, Mr. Campfield. You're going to need it.

  7. Re:Sulu- yea, it was a joke.

    Re: Students- inmates don't run the asylum.

  8. Takei's joke was better.

  9. And re: re: students: Those students seem a lot less crazy than some of our Tennessee legislators. Present company not excepted.


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