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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Guns on campus passes!!!

Yes its true! A bill (SB 1198) to allow guns on the campus of a state university for an employee who is just a regular handgun carry permit holder (with absolutely no additional training) passed the full senate judiciary committee tonight.
I am sure some students might be intimidated if they knew an employee had a gun. Some feared the HCP holder might snap and go crazy!

The university did not care.

The questions were brought up to the board of regents.

What about if the person with a gun with a HCP missed their target? Isn't the university concerned a bystander or student could be hit?

The university was not concerned.

What if a police officer saw the shooting, couldn't there be some confusion and the wrong person end up getting shot by police?

The university was not concerned.

Should the person have to get any additional training, aditional back ground check?

The university did not think it was needed.

Didn't the university think the person should show some designation to warn people he might be carrying?

The university was not concerned.

The only difference was this state employee who is allowed to carry a gun with no additional training might need it to protect sheep on the ag campus. Not people.

We see what the university puts it value on.

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  1. Didn't quite understand what you were talking about until I watched the video from yesterday about SB1198. What a bunch of hypocrites. You also need to nail a bunch of the Republican reps who are too scared of big business to pass laws which protect the law abiding citizen because those businesses might not give them money come next campaign.


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