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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"How long have you worked here not including today?"

Not in a good mood right now.

As many of you know one of my top achievements for the year was in defunding Planned Parenthood. It started in health committee. We took weeks to get the wording to a budget amendment right where the goal of defunding Planned Parenthood would be achieved without a change in the law but as part of the budget. We passed it and our wording became part of the budget.


By chance (and some backup checking by Tennessee right to life) it was discovered the day before the budget was to be voted on that somewhere between health committee and the budget presentation someone added in wording to the amendment that made it much more questionable. The Lt. Governor was against it, the health committee chair did not like it, I didn't like it and Tennessee right to life definitely didn't like it. Everyone thought it made the amendment much more changeable in court. No one liked the change nor could figure out where it came from.

It just appeared.

I had a budget amendment prepared to strike out the offensive wording but the morning of the budget presentation Ramsey's staff came over and showed me where they had legal fix the wording back to its original form.

All was right with the world. I dropped my amendment and the budget passed without a blip.


I got a call from Tom Humphrey tonight saying Rich Locker (another reporter) found where someone stuck the offensive wording (referring directly to the planned parenthood amendment) back in the budget again. Not where it was the first time before the original language but later in the budget at the very end, buried in some technical language.

Obviously it was done intentionally.

This is still developing but it does not look good. While I do not have power over who the legal staff is, if I found out who did it I would probably have two question for them.

"Who directed you to do this?" and if I found they did it on their own I would ask "How long have you worked here, not including today?"


  1. Taking control of the legislature is not a simple task. Step one is having a majority in both houses. Step two is replacing the staff who have been embedded by the Democrats into every nook & cranny. Step two obviously is incomplete. The Republicans will not control the legislature until it is.

  2. Who shares offices with the House Speaker "Emeritus?"

  3. I have a number of questions about the legal staff, on a different matter.

  4. Why are you so against women's healthcare?

  5. Why didn't anyone in the Senate read the budget bill before it was passed? It passed the House on Friday, and the Senate didn't take it up until Saturday.

  6. Senator,

    Surely Governor Haslam will NOT sign off on this until we get to the bottom of it AND insist that the wording be placed back the way it was intended by you.

    Clearly, there is MOLE working for the dark side.

  7. Campfield is not against womens health care, Allison. He is against using TAX dollars to commit murder and I happen to be a woman, also.


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