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Sunday, May 01, 2011

One less S.O.B. in the world!!!!


  1. Colleen KrenzerMay 2, 2011 at 4:16 PM

    I'll admit, I've been spending more time on your page than I'd like. I don't agree with your politics and that's ok - one of the great things about this country is that we're allowed to disagree, and one would hope that we can do so in a intellectual, respectful way. Isn't that what we both learned at St. Patrick's all those years ago?

    That said, I would respectfully ask that you rethink your insinuation that anyone who doesn't like your picture of the Statue of Liberty hold OBL's head has forgotten. I think your picture is in poor taste. The Statue of Liberty is our beacon of hope and refuge. And for the record, I was there when it happened and I haven't forgotten. I remember friends going to multiple funerals and memorials services. I remember the smell of the burning remains of the Towers that to this day takes me back to that day. I remember people covered with dirt and debris. I remember the eerie quiet that fell over the city on Sept. 12. I remember working at Chelsea Piers that day, escorting families and friends back to the main area to report loved ones missing and not knowing what to say to them. That location was also the staging area for the ambulances from all over that sent teams to help. I remember having great pride in seeing one from our hometown, and the sadness that for the most part, their job was to bring the remains back to the ice rink at Chelsea Piers, which had been turned into a temporary morgue. The news had reported that the rescue workers needed dry socks, as their feet were soaked. And I remember an elderly man walking up to me and handing me a bag of socks he had gathered from his drawer to donate. I remember walking through the city days later, seeing busload after busload of rescue workers both leaving and heading to the World Trade Towers, and watching people on the streets salute, cheer and wave. That day, I had to walk because the subway was closed due to bomb threats and eventually, I passed a church where I went in, sat down, prayed and cried. I don't remember the type of church - I just knew that its doors were open and I needed to sit someplace that felt safe. I don't like this picture. But I haven’t forgotten.

  2. This is in such poor taste, Rep. Campfield. Please be aware of your platform when posting this type of violence.



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