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Monday, May 30, 2011

Possibly unconstitutional, but.....

Mandatory drawing of blood on people accused of repeat DUI's? The district attorney general seems to think it has some constitutional questions...

"We're tired of drunk drivers killing people," said District Attorney General Steve Bebb, who serves Bradley, McMinn, Monroe and Polk counties and who lobbied for the bill. "We don't know if it will stand up or if it's constitutional, but we'll test it."

So if we are tired of one group of people killing another group of defenseless people we are willing to move forward on something that could possibly be ruled unconstitutional and see what happens in court.

If only I could think of another scenario where one group of people was killing another group of defenseless people and we could do something to stop them that might be ruled unconstitutional and yet we were still willing to move forward.....If only.


  1. Yeah, but to complete the scenario, we need a constitution that plainly states "the right of the government to perform blood tests on repeat DUI suspects shall not be infringed".

    Then, have the law enforcement officers pay money every year to drunk drivers in order to exercise those "rights" to give them blood tests.

    Then, forbid convictions of drunk driving or blood testing of DUI suspects in parks, school and public building parking lots, etc.

    Then, pass some laws so when they are retired (or if they are a judge), then they can carry around their DUI blood-testing equipment all they want - but they still have to pay the drunk drivers every year to enjoy their "right".

  2. While I'm sure everyone is against drunk driving, yes, this is unconstitutional. Very unconstitutional.


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