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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Quote of the day (Who else)

"Show me a non profit and I will show you a bunch of bloated salaries, big offices and huge expense accounts. The only reason they are a non profit is because they spend all their money on that sort of stuff. Most for profit companies would love to live that well"

Frank Nicley


  1. What a highly unfounded and baseless quote. It's sad that people mindlessly follow the muckrakers.

  2. So, Blue Cross and Blue Shied (non-profits) are BS?

  3. Yes, take a look at the salaries of nonprofit CEO's around Knoxville.

  4. Blue Cross and Blue Shield? It's a health insurance company! Hardly a non-profit.

    As far as Knoxville non-prof's, sadly no matter where we look we'll find greedy individuals... but I be the organization doesn't earn a profit on sales of service.

    My point is there are many non-profits that function as they are supposed to. Employees get a livable wage and the organization provides service free of charge to individuals.


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