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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Red light camera bill

Passes. Still not a ban but it does some good things.


  1. Can you please post the bill #? I would like to read...

  2. I hope it closes some of the problems with a few companies. I had an ticket in a city and the paperwork told me if I could not afford to pay the whole fine I could notify them. So I did so it would not cause a judgement against me. When I called the customer service and told them my problem they said "oh we will send a second notice". I told them I didn't want a second notice I wanted something in writing saying I notified them so I would not get a judgement against me. Neither them or the main office would give me anything. It all seemed like they wanted it to go to a judgement against me and I would not have proof I notified them. Luckly I was able to come up with the money through family but it seems the poor have no recourse with these companies and the cities just say they have no authority.


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