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Monday, May 30, 2011

Splitting the baby

When Sen. Ken Yeager brought the bill to completely do away with pre trial diversion both sides had good points. The anti pre trial diversion group (Mostly prosecutors) saw the abuses where major crimes were getting swept under the rug without an admission of guilt or a day in court in front of the victim's.

The pro pre trial diversion people (Mostly public defenders) said it was a useful tool for possibly a young kid who made a stupid mistake and didn't need their entire life ruined or have to pay thousands in legal costs for some minor offense.

Both sides had valid points.

When it came to committee I offered an amendment that would not completely do away with pre trial diversion in all cases but would still allow it in some situations. What I offered was to allow for pre trial diversion in cases of non sexual, non felony offences for first time offenders.

Both sides, Prosecutors and defenders seemed pretty happy with the final product. I think this now qualifies me to add "Moderate voice of compromise and reason" to my business cards.


  1. If it only works for misdemeanors, it's not even really worth doing.

  2. You realize that you're using the King Solomon allegory backwards, right? My guess is that this display of biblical ignorance disqualifies you from any future candidacy as a Republican.


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