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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Texas moves to defund PP in special session

From Right to Life. The similarities in Texas are spooky to compared to what is going on in Tennessee. Seems Texas couldn't get the budget wording where they needed it to be to defund Planned Parenthood in the original budget. Now they are going into special session to try and fix the problem.

Planned Parenthood Fights to Regain Texas Funding

Due to a Democrat filibuster in the last minutes of the Texas legislative session Monday night, the perfecting language in the bill which will finish the defunding both to Planned Parenthood and its "share-the-tax-funds"affiliates was not fully incorporated into the bill.
Pro-life Sen. Jane Nelson, who headed the conference committee for the final version of this legislation, is mighty unhappy that the language defunding both Planned Parenthood and its affiliates wasn't properly corrected in the bill's printed version, but since the bill didn't pass the Texas House in time to go to the Governor for signature, there is yet another chance to pass the perfected language and defund Texas Planned Parenthood!

Now that pro-life Gov. Rick Perry has called a special session starting TODAY in order to finish mandatory budget matters by the Texas legislators, he has included this issue to the agenda so that the Planned Parenthood And Its Affiliates' Medicaid Funding can be diverted, as we discussed in last week's special alert. (For details on SB 23, click here.) Sen. Nelson, the third longest-serving member of the Texas Senate, is determined to help enact the perfecting amendment language offered by one of the newest members of the legislature, pro-life freshman Rep. Jim Landtroop and she is sponsoring the new, corrected bill SB 7.

But once again, YOUR HELP IS NEEDED to divert these millions of tax dollars from Texas' largest abortion provider to other health care facilities through a prioritizing plan which excludes PP and its affiliates. Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst has notified the Governor that during the special session, only a simple majority will be needed to pass legislation, rather than the 2/3 required during a regular session. So WE CAN DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD through SB 7 with enough grassroots support! With your help, we passed the strongest sonogram bill in the country. Now, let's take away tax dollars from the state's largest abortion provider.

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