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Saturday, May 21, 2011

That wasn't "Contract with America"

Wow! what a year. A lot of people were saying we had a mandate sort of election. We had the candidates that got elected top to bottom. We made some big promises and people expected us to perform.

We did.

Things we had been promising to do for years? Done.

Tort reform....Passed

Tenure reform.... Passed

Pill mills....Closed

Meth tracking....Passed

Voter photo ID....Passed

Teacher Union Monopoly....Busted

SJR 127....Passed

Red light cameras....Regulated

Planned Parenthood....De funded

Income tax....Dead for good

Government spending....Reduced

Hall income tax....Reduced

Broad tax increases....None

Shorter session....By Weeks

Government departments....Closed

E Verify....Passed

More to come....


  1. Excellent work Senator Campfield. A new optimism for Tennesseans.

  2. Jobs created. None.

  3. Government does not create jobs except possibly more government jobs.
    The best thing that government can do is create a field where the free market can create jobs.

  4. Second to the rep... The people are ready to create jobs, if the government wouldn't drown them in paperwork and taxes. Get out of my way and we'll do fine.
    Do you realize that if the government reduced taxes by half, jobs would be moving back into the country and tax income would more than double? More money for people to spend and they always will.

  5. If family planning is cut u will have to vote to raise minimum wage n drop the cost of living. family planing helps to prevent over popluation n proverty ridden areas if used properly. This is an all around bad discion which will only open a can of worms. Please recosider n rethink defunding the programi know the nurses here n Memphis r squeezed as tight as they can possibly b to operate within the guidelines set for them visit a few of the clinics before ur final decision

  6. Planned Parenthood is a good organization. You should be ashamed

  7. Just wondering why Constitutional Carry didn't get passed? I know you Sponsored the bill. Thank you.


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