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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


The videos of the three announced Republican primary candidates for the 6th senatorial district are below. As I said, I tried to be as fair as possible. All candidates got the same questions in the same order. I think there is something for everybody to like and or hate. Pick your own winners and losers and enjoy.

Special thanks goes out to the candidates for taking the time to do the interviews so their views can be seen by the voters. I also want to thank Greg "The Lumpitarian" Lambert for uploading the videos onto Utube for me while I was out of town.


  1. Victoria clearly gave the most principled answers. Becky seems sincere, but is more pragmatic and will likely settle for less than principled positions. Marilyn sounded like a fascist, advocating that certain business being treated special and given more than others. Marilyn also sounded status quo, advocating that School Superintendents and Judges remain out of the reach of voters.

    My vote is for Victoria. Becky will be ok and Marilyn will be terrible.

  2. Roddy and Massey are against any state-wide tax proposals....except for people who want to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights. They should pay a tax to use their right. But, given Roddy's stance on the guilty-until-proven-innocent revenue cameras and Woodson-like acceptance of the unconstitutional selection of judges, that's not surprising.

    And Roddy's "accountability is key"...especially for testing homeschoolers (who save us money because they don't get a dime of education funding) but not for evaluating public school teachers. Those TVAAS evaluations we pay for need to stay secret.

    Defreese seemed most solid on constitutional issues except for mining of private property. What's next? Not allowing people to park their cars on their own grass...oh wait we've already done that too.

    Besides, look at all the hundreds of thousands of acres that the government already owns in this state, (that is if Corker and Lamar! aren't giving it away to the feds and the United Nations) there is plenty of "undisturbed" mountaintop to look at without imposing restrictions on private property.


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