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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Pre K results bomb

The Dean drops the latest report on pre K with the quote from Bill Dunn

The study shows that gains a Pre-K child makes are very short lived. In fact, in some areas the children without Pre-K ended up doing better than those in the state program.

To quote directly from page six of the study, "For students in grades 3-5, analyses have found either no significant effect of Pre-K participation on assessment scores, or, in some cases, have found that students that attended Pre-K, on average, score lower than their non-Pre-K counterparts on some assessments."

After reviewing the details of the study, Representative Bill Dunn (R--Knoxville) pointed to the results as proof that the hundreds of millions of dollars that have been spent on the program may have been better used elsewhere in education.

"We have teachers who need raises and children who need books and the Tennessee Pre-K program is gobbling up and wasting valuable resources," said Rep. Dunn.

"This report should serve as a revelation for individuals who still believe Pre-K is some sort of answer for long-term achievement in education," continued Dunn. "The fact is, it just isn't. It may be the largest hoax ever perpetrated on the people of Tennessee."


  1. The question should be where would these "at risk" children be without pre-K.

  2. This is the second of two state studies that answers that question - they would be exactly where they are.

    Except a bunch of high school students would have college scholarships from the education lottery (that was sold as providing college scholarships) that instead is funding "voluntary" pre-K. Now, along with a bunch of our tax dollars that aren't "voluntary". Allegedly, pre-K is being partially funded from lottery "excesses", while the college scholarships are being cut.

  3. Here is a year old report on the failure of Project Headstart from the Goldwater Institute. Libs have tried to say the data proved it worked. Not.



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