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Friday, June 10, 2011

That sounds like partisan political payback!!!

"They’ve certainly not given us any more incentive to
support any more Republicans, based on what they did
this session. It’s obvious that we’re not going to change
the minds of some of those legislators on our issues, so
frankly we’re going to turn our attention to trying to
change some of the legislators.”
— Tennessee Education
Association lobbyist Jerry Winters, to the Associated
Press, on future TEA legislative endorsements.

Hat Tip: The Tennessee Journal


  1. That is, if they can get the time. After all, they will be plenty busy shaking down the teachers:

    "Unions stripped of their ability to automatically deduct dues from workers’ pay checks have started training activists and shop stewards to collect dues individually from workers each month. Collecting dues individually from workers is a process that involves hundreds, thousands of activists."


  2. Is it just me, or did you suggest that using the electoral system the way it's meant to be used (trying to elect representatives who will support you and the issues you care about) is somehow inappropriate? Do you not understand how representative democracy works?

  3. "They’ve certainly not given us any more incentive to
    support any more Republicans"

    That should be a wake up call to those "Republicans" who supported their monopoly.

  4. Since the NEA continues to show that this side of Fred Thompson, they are some of the best political support money can buy, maybe Republicans should just donate to them and lock the whole thing up.

    Should Al and Jerry explain how they are fighting for Tennessee teacher "rights" to lobby for AT&T mergers?

    And subsequently, could Senator Berke explain how this benefits education?


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