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Thursday, July 21, 2011

After the execution they got religion

It is funny how people have a sudden change of heart and suddenly want to do the right thing after they are no longer in power. My biggest laugher of the day is how Democrats suddenly want to use surplus revenue to lower the tax on food and give more to college scholarships!

Holy hypocrisy Batman! I did a simple scan of my blog posts and counted over 19 calls to spend surplus funds lowering the sales tax on food. Some going all the way back to 2005.

Those ideas have been a Republican caucus proposal for years. Years when there really were surplus funds. Big surpluses. When Democrats were in power Democrats fought off those proposals and instead went on spending sprees buying highway signs to tell people what watershed they were in amongst other things.

Larger scholarships for college kids? I seem to remember a little scuffle about that one as well. We had a huge lottery scholarship surplus fund for years. Instead of helping students with more scholarships Democrats spent that to start up Pre K. Remember?

Now that Democrats are no longer in power after 150 or so years they finally get the gumption to try and do something about these issues? You are a little late to the ball Cinderella.


  1. Let's just pray to God that it doesn't require 80 more kids being murdered by a lunatic for them to get the message on firearms.

  2. The government has no business in education to begin with. Cutting taxes would let everyone who wanted their kids to get an education to send them to private and church schools. Government funded education is socialist indoctrination. Why do you think most colleges are so liberal?


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