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Thursday, July 14, 2011

First the bottom now how about the top?

The governor has just suspended the pay increases for employees who have had multiple discipline infractions. I see the reasoning. Why reward bad behavior. That puts a little pressure on bad actors and rewards good ones.

On the other side of the coin, how about suspending pay increases for state employees already making say six figures? I see no reason to increase pay for someone already making 3, 4 or $500,000.00. do they really need the extra 5 or 6 grand?


  1. The question is not whether they need the money. THe question is does the state need their services that badly and will these people leave the state if they do not receive the extra income? My bet is that we could probably find others. But the question is never, "do they really need more income?" That is a liberal question. THe conservative and moral question is: am I getting value for their salary and if I do not pay them more, will I lose their services that I need?

  2. Good point but I dont see a lot of state employees who are making 6 figures quitting because they did not get an extra 1600 bucks and just couldnt make it any longer.

    The Sen.

  3. Well, since we are "over-collected" on state tax revenues relative to the budget(again), when can we expect those rebate checks?

    Oh, it went to state employee raises. What's their unemployment rate again?


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