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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Head scratchers

Things George Korda does not understand...

I don’t understand how it is that abortion is justified on the basis that a woman has a right to choose what to do with her own body, but if she fails to buckle her safety belt as she drives away from the abortion clinic she can be stopped and ticketed for not protecting her body as the government requires.

• I don’t understand why anyone tries to guess what a criminal case jury is thinking. In the Casey Anthony trial commentators spent hours trying to guess what the jury was thinking. It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks a jury is thinking. It only matters what the jury says when it’s finished thinking.

• I don’t understand those who condemn George W. Bush for “lying” about why we went into Iraq (weapons of mass destruction) and give President Barack Obama a pass though we’re clearly not bombing Libya solely for “humanitarian” reasons, as the president first declared.


  1. #1. A very good question that has important philosophical value regarding sovereignty of the individual vs. the desire of the state to protect you from yourself;

    #2. Lawyers need to know this so that when the argue their next case, they can better know how to argue their case;

    #3. Liberalism is a cult of morons who are unable to think for themselves.

  2. #1. Promiscuity and Socialism.

    No, I'm serious. Here's how it works in a liberal mind:

    Since individual life is not valued, the absence of one more person from the world is of no consequence to them. Since having an abortion allows women to have more more promiscuous encounters it "empowers" them.

    Seat belts supposedly save lives. That means active women are less likely to become a burden on society by being crippled in a car crash. Therefore, it's necessary to "preserve" the woman "for the good of all."

    Both laws help ensure women remain mobile and available for meaningless sex.

    I'm not surprised you didn't grasp their "logic." You need to either be as deviant as they are or have spent a lot of time studying them to "get" how they think.


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