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Monday, July 18, 2011

Home school sports boom

Where home school students have been allowed to participate in sports their numbers have boomed.

• 83,000: Estimated home-schooled students in Tennessee

• 1,500: Families in Chattanooga Southeast Tennessee Home Education Association, the main organization for home-schoolers in the Chattanooga area

• 50: Students in the group’s athletics programs five years ago

• 450: Students in its athletics programs today

Now as the state is about to allow home school student participate in in state school sports teams I expect the numbers of parents who home shool to boom.


  1. It is very astute of the Legislature to allow home school students to play sports in their districts. We pay the same property and other taxes to support public schools as the parents of public school students. We educate our children at our expense not government expense and to not be allowed to play sports was not fair the kids. Most sports programs in the schools are supported by the booster clubs and not the school itself. Many charge hefty fees for the students to participate. I think this is a very wise move because most home school students excel academically and will be a real asset to any school's sports programs.

  2. Just because the state allows it doesn't mean the local school board will. The Kingsport Board voted unanimously to exclude home schooled students. They forgot that those students pay the same tuition/taxes as the ones actually attending school.


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