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Friday, July 15, 2011

Is now the time?

With the fed cutting $52 million from our road budget now might be a good time to consider Rep. Frank Nicley's idea to opt out of the federal highway fund. Tennessee already pays in about $100 million more in gas taxes to the fed then we get back. If we opt out of the federal gas tax but kept the tax rate at the same level Tennessee would be about $150 million richer.

That, and we can do what we want with the money. Think pave roads and build bridges instead of plant flowers and put up watershed signs.


  1. $150 million, why was this not a priority this year or many years ago?

  2. Some people like the fed handling things.

    The Sen.

  3. While you are at it, how about eliminating the ethanol distribution subsidy and allow our vehicles to run with their full mpg potential to save everybody money?

  4. Who are these some people?

  5. The federal highway fund is a scam that does nothing but force the states to follow whatever highway laws the fed want's to push.


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