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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Not paying attention?

The way some people tell it Democrats are the only hope for tax cuts in the future. Really? For years Democrats had complete control, They increased taxes, had huge surpluses and still spent about every penny expanding actual government spending on programs. Not putting it all into reserves.

Now republican are at bat. We also have built reserves but we cut programs, cut actual government spending by over a billion dollars, put no new taxes on anyone and yes we actually CUT TAXES on Tennesseans.

Some times I want to ask what game are people watching because it is obviously not the one that has been going on in the legislature since Republicans took over. Do they want the non results or negative results of the past or the positive results of the future?

Talk is cheap. We are getting it done!

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  1. Democrats don't cut taxes, they raise them. Anyone claiming otherwise is delusional or a liar.


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