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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Read this blog post get a free home!

How many legislators will get you a free home just for reading their blog? Ready to kiss the landlord goodbye? At this blog we dont give away dreams, we give away homes!

I have a friend who is giving away a home. Really. No joke. He has a double wide Mobil home on some property he owns and wants it gone. He is giving it away totally free to the first person who will come and haul it off. Rumor is moving a trailer and having it set up somewhere else runs $2-4K depending on the distance you have it hauled so you may want to check on that previous to saying "Yes!".

I had another friend who went and checked it out and he said it was really in pretty good shape. It had 3 large bedrooms and while it probably needed a little bit of touch up it was nothing that could not be polished up in a weekend or less. It is in the Karns/ Powell area (North Knoxville) for reference. If you are serious, want to check it out or have questions my friends name is Paul Miastis he can be reached at 414-0748 but it is first come, first served. Don't say "Oh yes! me!, me!, me!, me!" and then think you can sit around for a few weeks before starting the process of having it moved. As I said, he wants it gone. If you get there first with the truck to move it, you can have it. Till then it is up for the taking.

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  1. David Garrett Jr.July 19, 2011 at 9:32 PM

    I slept with a girl in a double wide a long time ago. It was actually very nice, bigger than the house I live in now. No funds or way to transport it though.


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