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Friday, July 29, 2011

Well said.

Rep. Judd Matheny does an EXCELLENT job laying out how and why Republicans support the constitution and the bill of rights.

It amazes me that whenever conservatives start looking for ways to ensure our Constitution is upheld, liberals are never far behind fretting about what that means for government.Recently, much to the chagrin of those liberals and insider pundits, we announced the creation of a task force to examine our Second Amendment rights. As if on cue, the extreme left used the occasion for demagoguery. In doing so, they once again reveal how far removed they are from the values of Tennesseans.....

....Speaking to a broader point, I firmly believe that any opportunity we can take to review the application of our constitutional rights and ensure Tennesseans are freely exercising them — unencumbered by government — means we are fulfilling our role as delegates of the people. While the left wastes valuable taxpayer dollars on commissions that will expand the scope and reach of government, our Republican majority is committed to expanding the liberty Tennesseans cherish.

Sadly, the one thing I have learned about the philosophical divide of the two main parties is that for the most part his words are true. One party passes legislation to expand the restrictions on the individual and expand the rights, powers responsibilities of government and the other party wants to expand the rights and personal responsibilities of the individual and pass laws to restrict the tentacles of government.

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  1. When will the TN GOP limit the police (government) from allowing video recordings of their action?


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