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Saturday, August 06, 2011

The big battle?

Many political pundits around Nashville are saying my bill that says "elect means elect" in the state constitution for judges may be the big issue for the year next year. While I agree it will be a big issue I am not sure it will be the top issue. This last year had at least 5 or 6 big issues (As compared to one or two a year in years past). I expect next year will instead have about 10 medium sized issues. Some will be clean up from last years oversight and others will be re runs of past top issues.

In no certain order, nor complete, here are some of my own personal top priority issues I will be running next year.

1. Elect judges as the constitution requires.

2. Pass my version of the loser pays bill.

3. Pass a "loser pays" system similar to the one Texas just passed and that California already has.

4. Pass legislation to support the 2nd amendment on campus, in public parking lots and for the distribution of the HCP list.

5. Pass eminent domain reform. Only for true public use, with first refusal to original owner on sell back, clear definition for blight when ED is used and parcel by parcel breakdown when it is done.

6. End state funding of Planned Parenthood. (and one other special life bill)

7. Pass legislation to allow all home school students to play state sports.

8. Pass license plate for catholic charities.

9. Pass drug testing for those on government assistance.

10. Pass mandates for continued education for those with children still in school and on government assistance.

11. The "Baby daddy" bill.

12. Campaign finance reform.

13. All those other good ideas and a few I am holding up my sleeve.

1 comment:

  1. You forgot one:

    14. Work "behind the scenes" to prevent the Secret Senator from illegally reversing the legislative intent of the other 13.

    Or maybe that should be #1.


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